Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mantel Changes

In my last post
I shared
a few living room changes.
You know the décor
redo's that we love to restyle after the holidays.
Recently in our family room/library,
I changed the mantel top
and wall décor.
This room is so hard to photograph.
It's either too bright or too dark.
But here goes~~

The angle pic shows better with the light.
To the top of the large
Tuscan countryside framed piece,
I added this finial painted honeysuckle bloom.
The vases to one side
bring in a bit of wintertime color.
The vase with my dried garden hydrangeas
is a gift from my son.
The framed pic in the center
is actually a card I purchased from our
anniversary stay at Hotel Del Coronado last summer.
To the left side
I have a trio of vintage school books
and topped with a wire birdcage and wood birdie inside.
The mantel runner is a gorgeous piece created by my grandmother
many years ago.
She crocheted the pretty edging
on a beautiful brown textured fabric.
It's the perfect size for the mantel top.
To each side I hung
coordinating floral prints under glass.
These were on the other end of the room,
moved them here
and love the look.

Well that's it for today.
Another room with a few changes.
Have you been doing this too?
Have a wonderful winter day.
See you next time.
Celestina Marie

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Changes

Making décor changes
after the holidays
seems to be what we all love to do.
Nesting our way to a new fresh look
while waiting for spring.
I've been doing this a lot this season
and I catch this redecorating bug
every new year.
When the house is all cleared of the
Christmas décor
it looks so bare
and the perfect time,
having a clean and empty palette
to style in a new way.
I've moved tables and chairs around
from one room to another.
Changed wall décor from one
room to another.
Basically shopping the house.
I love seeing how an item takes on
a whole new look in a new spot.
To the left of the sofa,
I brought in this round vintage table
that I had in the master.
I love it here much better.
This table is 50 years old.
It was in my parents home.
It has a marble top
with wire on the door.
I painted it black with a little added distress.

On the other side of the sofa,
I moved this half table from the
family/library room and it is working
nicely here.

For the walls,
I left the window over the sofa for the winter
with the vintage pattern wreath
in the center.
I 'm in the process of creating a
rag wreath, but it's not complete.
To the left,
I hung a gorgeous fountain
my mother made in 1979.
I added glitter roses
with a black butterfly.
On the other end of this wall,
I found this Paris print
at the Good Will.
It had a gold frame,
so I gave it a neutral paint color
with a little distress
I love it with it's new look.
Across the room
is my vintage hutch turned entertainment center.
I added the vintage lace runner,
neutral pitches, and a gorgeous, now vintage,
pitcher and bowl created by my talented mother.
The lamps are miss-matched
in design, but the same height.
I added them after painting them white
and they blend nicely, although different.
The shades are the same
but will have a rag art trim soon.
I never had 2 lamps on this buffet top
and the change is working.
Here's that treasured piece hand created
by my mother
many years ago.
She loved white décor too.
I displayed this with my recent
platter purchase
from Rachel Ashwell's
Shabby Chic Couture.
They look like they were made to go together.

I found this lace runner
at a favorite antique market
some time ago.
It has been on the fireplace mantel
in this room.
Change was welcome here
by placing it on the hutch top.
These are the lamp shades on their way
to receiving a rag trim around the bottom.
I am working on it at the moment.
Pics to come later.
Moving around to the mantel,
it's more of a winter ~ in between look.
Black and white
not much color yet, just calm and peaceful
while nesting the winter away.
Bird houses
and snowbirds frame the ends
with candle sticks
and glass Swedish
snowball tea lights 
in the center.
I left the mirror
in place after Christmas,
but may or may not
change it for springtime.
I don't  often display evenly,
as I prefer uneven displays
in odd numbers 3,5 or 7
(learning's from my days in interior design)
However, this works because the number of things
is an odd number not counting the mirror.
You know there are really no rules if you love it!!

Adding a bucket of boxwood
long stems of spring hopefuls
help to fill the space
by the fire.

Thanks for stopping by
to visit my few little changes.
More to share later~
but for now,
I have fabric rags to rip
for the lampshades.
See you soon.
Stay warm!
Celestina Marie

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thinking Spring

The cold, long winter has
most of us
Thinking Spring~
and it can't get here too soon.
Valentines and Easter Eggs,
Spring Gardens
Sunny Days
are my inspiration for creating.
Here are a few new treasures
filling the shelves
in my shop now.


Pretty eggs with roses

and a few with hydrangeas.

And a little Farmhouse too~
A pretty French cottage basket to hold
special treasures
with a pretty fabric lining
and little wood
fleur di lis in the center.
So the creating continues
my new monthly newsletter
is on it's way soon.
Thank you for stopping by.
See you soon.
Stay warm
Celestina Marie
Etsy Cottage Style for
Green Willow Pond for
Ivy and Elephants for

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Rag Basket Recap~

Hi Friends~
It's almost the weekend
and I hope you
all have something fun
or relaxing planned.
During the week, since my rag basket post,
I received many emails about this project
So I thought I would share the
directions with you today.

If you'd like to see the other styles
I created
This might make a fun weekend project
and easy to do with the kids too.
You know if you are snowed in,
this would make a great project
with a bit of fabric from your stash
and an old wire basket.
To begin
find a vintage or new metal or wire basket.
One with an open weave to tie the rag strips through.
Next, pick your fabric.
For this basket I used
a French script style in a cotton.
Begin ripping fabric strips.

Leaving curled and stringy ends
is best for the homespun look.

The strips should be torn in 6-8 inch lengths
and about  1 1/4" wide
to give enough fabric for tying.
After complete
you can trim shorter if desired.
As you go along you will
see what works best for you
in the strip lengths.
You may need a shorter length for tying
depending on your basket.
Keep tieing the strips all around
gathering them close together
and tight till you have something
like this in the end.

Display and fill with your favorite treasures,
Christmas ornaments,
Easter eggs
or springtime nest.

I hope this helps answer a few questions
on this project.
Many of us have an old wire basket
around perfect for this idea.
Have fun and let me know what you create.
Enjoy the weekend.
Celestina Marie

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cottage Brushstokes

Today begins a new linked party
hosted by;
Etsy Cottage Style
This is an exciting time for me
because this one is all about
painted treasures.
You don't have to be an artist to participate.
You can collect all kinds of art
on every medium too.
As for me,
I am the painter and
did and do paint on all surfaces.
Since I have been painting for way longer then I
care to disclose (over 30 years)
I thought I would start with some pics
from the beginning of my world of
cottage brushstrokes.
I searched through many
albums and box loads of pics
collected over the years of my journey.
Pictures when digital cameras were not even around
and no way to save on a computer.
To begin, I picked a few to start
and left plenty of room for
many more linked parties to come.
In the beginning on my career path
in decorating painting and interior design,
I used to cut my own wood
for the hand painted goodies
that were so popular in the country and folk art days.
Now we call country, farmhouse.
There's a little different twist on the color and style however,
but still a country look gone kind of modern
while keeping with the homespun
cottage and a bit of the French look too.
Over the years I have painted everything and every type
of surface from A-Z.
Taught classes in decorative painting,
designed for a company in miniature,
had booth space in many a mall,
gave demos in stores,
painted on fabric,
redesigned furniture and interiors
and even painted for the White House twice.
To say I've been busy is an understatement.
But, I have loved every minute of my journey
and I would not change a thing.
It is a blessing to live out your dreams
and I am so thankful.
God is so good!
The pictures that follow are an overview
of just some of the painted items I have enjoyed.
I just did not know where to start to share
my cottage brushstrokes, so I will let the pics
do the talking.
Tons of lampshades
Texas Bluebonnets for the souvenir market.

Baskets to Stepping stones.
Trays and fruit and lots and lots of furniture.

The sewing cabinet below
stays in my mind
because it was one of the
most unique style vintage pieces
I found to redesign.
The tools and items on the top
are hand painted on.
People in the shop
used to walk up and touch to make sure
they were not real.


From garden décor
to roosters.
and lots of picnic baskets
of every kind!
Then there were chairs and benches.
Here are a few.

Vintage school desks from long ago.

 So there you go~~
all before my world
took a turn to shabby chic, cottage roses and
French and Farmhouse styles.
The designs above
are many of my own
and many from decorative design books
I studied with over the years.
It has been so much fun
and still is!
Thank you for joining me for this first
For more fun posts click on the link above to join the fun.
See you next time,
and till then.
you know what I'll be doing!!
Celestina Marie Design
p.s. sorry for  some blurry pics.
 I could not get these scanned
so they are picture of a picture!




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