Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dollar Store Pillow Project

Hi Friends,
I'm back with another Dollar Store project creating pillows from kitchen towels.

I actually created these a couple years ago,
but thought they were worth sharing again.


To start, I purchased a few pretty fall towels
and as you know, they are usually one dollar or less if they come in a two pack.

I merely folded the towels in half right sides together.
Next I sew one side and bottom leaving one end open or the bottom to stuff 
with poly fill and hand sew the open end closed with a blind stitch.
(a blind stitch is a sewn running stitch between the folds of the closed end)

At this point, you are ready to accent and embellish with trims, buttons,
dollies and more.

For these I used fringe for the pillow bottoms and my grandmothers
gorgeous hand crocheted lace to trim along with vintage buttons.

This one was a bit larger and a nice compliment to the smaller pillow.

So pretty to bring a pop of the season on this corner chair.

Lastly I also purchased a soft felt pillow already finished
but added my own accents, trims, buttons and crocheted lace.

There you have it,
pretty little pillow projects from the Dollar Store.
Cost, under 5 dollars for everything!

~Now that's  "less is more" decorating~

See you next time.

Be Blessed,
Celestina Marie

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