Monday, June 8, 2015

The Last Chair

The little house could have been a charming chateau or
a small cottage with lace on the windows in the 1920's.

It held and sheltered five special people on a street called Ray.

Age and distress blessed the little rooms, the first of farmhouse charm, before it was in fashion.

A little house called HOME.

A place to gather at the end of a long day.

Filled with timeless treasures and homemade essentials.

Where childhood memories were made, shared and long put away with the passing of the five.

A garden in the little yard filled with roses ready to create a bouquet.

Gathered and loved, in the innocence of the time.
Only stories of this place remain, no photos to share.

Except for the last kitchen chair.

Filling a corner of my kitchen dressed in pale aqua paint.

Still sturdy and strong the way nana left her.
The last of it's set.
The only one to bless another day in a new time.

With many shades under the aqua, with many memories it's seen,
this last chair is my timeless treasure.
The last chair from my grandmother's kitchen on Ray street. 

Have a beautiful June!

Celestina Marie


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