Monday, July 7, 2014

Crocheted Studio Storage Keeper

On a recent trip to IKEA 
I found this wonderful crocheted hanging storage treasure.
It was displayed in the closet organizational section.

Well, if you'd follow me for awhile you know I love to be organized.
So home this great find came to become a hanging wall storage piece in my studio.

Here's the unit with 5 pockets, some divided and all in a crocheted 
pattern of soft ivory thread.

Great storage pockets to fill.

Now you know I am thinking this great piece needs some decorating
and out came my vintage pieces of crocheted laces, trims and doilies.
Many created by my grandmother.
 This is how it looks after all the fun altering, creating and filling it up.

I used lots of lace, buttons, vintage keepsakes
and to the top, added the words Dream and Wish 
with a bit of glitter.

"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
a song from Disney!
perfect for my studio space.

I used little doilies to create pockets over pockets!
Lace and pearls, ribbons and paper flowers.

The last pocket has an added pillow edge crocheted and
designed by my grandmother many years ago.

She never used a pattern, just thought of a design
and away her fingers worked the thread.

I know you've probably seen this idea before.
A wreath hook hanger wrapped in jute.

Love the texture with this piece for  hanging  the keeper and it won't
scratch the door it's hanging on.

I am already loving this helper
in my studio.

There you have it~
 A new decorative wall/door storage unit for my creative space
using a crocheted storage keeper.

Don't you love pretty ways to organize your stuff??

See you next time.

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