Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bringing In Aqua

I love to bring in a pop of color with the seasons.
This year aqua is the pop,
 mixed with the colors around my cottage of
 whites, browns, blacks and neutrals.
Yes aqua just feels so fresh and springtime.
For the walls~
For the bath~
layers of aqua with black and a touch of vintage lace.
Dresser touches~

Cozy throw in a sitting area
 ready for chilly spring evenings.
A favorite painting
filled with painted flowers
and aqua touches!
Bath accents to relax and refresh~
Faithful reminder,  fresh with aqua.
Springtime birds sweet with aqua and blue green.
What pops of color do you bring in for springtime?
Are you enjoying a touch of aqua too?
Wishing you a beautiful Easter week
filled with pops of color!
Easter Hugs
Colorful wishes!
Celestina Marie

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