Monday, June 2, 2014

A Patio Fix with Oklahoma Flagstone~

Hi Friends,
Happy June!

Wow ~ the time is flying by. 
This month only seemed like a dream
back when we were all having harsh winter weather.

So here we are with summer upon us and I know it is a welcome season.

With the warmer temps comes lots of home improvement,
gardening and all around catching up and marking off our lists of "to dos"

My better half and I have been doing the same here at our Texas Cottage.
It seems we are never done,
but one thing is for sure, we are making progress and the list is smaller!

Near the bottom of the list, was to finally, after many years,
redo our side patio of old and failing brick
It really has seen better days and now it's cracked, raised from surrounding tree roots
and in NOT need of repair, but replaced.

 We have tripped one to many times
and before we break a leg, it's time to redo.

See the uneven bricks raised from tree roots.
Those will have to be all cut out
to get a level surface.

Patch work over the years 
has also seen better days!

So now with the removal we have this nice surface to work with.

All set for Oklahoma flagstone and granite mortar.

Being by the pool, we can not use cement grout.
Under this area runs pipes to the pool
and if we ever need to get to them,
we need an easy take out that the granite mortar provides.

So with some help from a few strong arms,
this project is now complete and ready to enjoy.

The granite joints after set,
 get a double dose of a sealing agent
 that gives it a sound and sturdy set without being like cement. 

This area overlooks our "created" outdoor kitchen
using parts from other home improvements we did inside.

Around the corner from here is the main patio
going into the house.

So here we are ready to enjoy hot Texas days~~~~~~

and nights at the pool.

Another project crossed off the list.
It's getting smaller.

We even had enough flagstone left over to do the front porch,
taking it from an old red tile that did not go with the house at all,
to a flagstone entry that suits the look much better.
I'll be back to share that part next time.

Have a great day and if you make lists like I do, I hope your list is getting smaller too!


See you soon~
Celestina Marie

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