Monday, October 29, 2012

Creating a Burlap Book Cover~ Finished with Lace Flowers, part 2

Welcome back friends to share in the finish of my burlap book cover. If you missed the first part, you can catch up HERE.

Chapter 2 in this beautiful book is called "Living and Working Enthusiastically" So with that thought, let me share the finish for the burlap book cover creating a pretty bouquet of flowers and leaves.
Here again in the finished look of the cover before. And let me say, no glue ever touches the cover or damages it in any way. This is a cover, meant to be pretty and keep the book in pristine condition.
Next, I added book ties to each side for a pretty closure when not in use. It just adds a charming element.
Now, lets set the book aside to create some pretty lace flowers using crochet doiles, lace trims and ribbons. Staring with a small 3" crocheted circle.
Fold in half and lightly hot glue. Remember, don't use too much glue. Just a little will be enough to hold the circle in place. Too much comes through the lace and looks messy.
Next glue halfway to the left.
Then bring the left side towards the right and again lightly glue in place.
Now you can adjust the flower pulling down some of the lace in a petal fashion to form a rose. It will look a bit like this.
Smaller rolled fabric bits of lace can form rose buds. Using different colors of soft white and natural colors.
After we get a variety of flowers for our cover bouquet, I'll set them aside to create the leaves. You'll notice a ribbon rose in white here too. I'll share the how to create those in another post later. They too are fun and easy.
To create the leaves, I use silk leaves from faux flowers. Cut the number you think will look right in the bouquet. Have a few extra, just in case you need to add them. Keep in mind, working in odd numbers of 3, 5 and 7 has a pleasing look to the finish.

Tip, when painting leaves or other small parts, I use a piece of cardboard with double stick tape to hold the parts in place. You can then paint away or embellish without holding the small element. Let dry and they will be ready to use. If you have to paint the backs, turn over restick in place after dry, and paint again. I find two or three coats work best to cover fabric leaves. The paint soaks in, unless you want a transparent style. It looks like this~~
While the leaves are drying, I begin to arrange the flowers on the front book cover getting an idea what will work best. Once deciding on the placement, I start with a solid crochet doily for a base to work from. You can see from the following pic, how the side tie looks.
Now add the leaves, flowers and glue in place.
And now the finished book covering my special book is complete and ready to display in a pretty way.
Here are a couple places to place this keepsake book.
Easy, fun and so cottage charming. If you would like to read about the book and why it is important to me, you can go back to part 1 to see.

Thank you for stopping by to view the completed cover. Hope you might try it. There are lots of ways to design book covers. This creation just worked for my book and the burlap fabric.
You may have another version that works too. Isn't it fun to share our ideas.
 Have fun!
Prayers for everyone and all our blog friends in the path of the hurricane. Stay safe and God Speed. Keep Creating, Celestina Marie

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