Monday, August 24, 2015

Window Curtains Swap~

Hi Friends,
With fall just around the corner,
 I've been making changes  for the season.

I love a new fresh autumn cozy look 
decided the window curtains in the dining room would be better suited 
in the master bedroom.

Do you remember when I added these curtains to the dining room?

 Pretty with rust and aqua and blues, 
but after having them pulled back during the day 
and closed at night,
they took on a bad wrinkle from their heavy thickness 
and in the middle, that wrinkle
would not hang out and be straight when the curtains were down.

Not a pretty look in the evening and I wanted the privacy at night.

So I decided they would work better hanging straight behind the bed in the master.

This room arrangement in the master bedroom is the only one that works for this room
the bad placement of two short windows, right in the middle of the wall,
leaves a huge challenge for window treatments.

Through the years I've worked the area several ways, 
but over the last several,
 I decided to extend the look by raising the curtain rod,
bringing it across the size of the bed and added 6 panels to the floor making a back drop.

So I steamed out the wrinkles in the middle of the 6 panels
used in the dining room and they look much better here.

 It works, and even with the windows covered, the room has plenty of natural light 
from the sitting area across the room and the bathroom to the left.

Now the sitting area has 4 long to the floor windows
that I also needed to dress.

I did not want to cover them to the floor like the bed area and try and purchase 4 more panels.
Plus it would be overkill to add more long panels in the room using the same design.

So I planned to put valance toppers just on these windows  like the toile I used previously.
Still love the toile but had grown really tired of it in this room.

I went back to World Market and found the original curtains I purchased were now on sale for fall
and even lower then the first sale price I found for the long panels.

So I decided to purchase 2 panels for the fabric at 15 dollars each planning to sew valances.

It worked perfectly to sew 4 valences for the sitting area.

I had enough fabric to sew the 4 short valances 18 inches long and 40 inches wide.
This sitting area over looks the pool and I did not want them longer to hide the view.

It was really sunny when I took these pics, so sorry for the blur,
but you get the idea.

 The 2" blinds help when the temps are really hot
and when closing for privacy at night.

Also had enough fabric to sew to pretty chair pillows
Love the touch of aqua here with the rust color and a crocheted throw I created this summer.

Next, I created another valance to carry the look into the master bath~
I used a shower curtain rod or pressure rod to gather the valance and hang inside the glass block window.

And I still had enough fabric to sew another topper style valance 
for the  "La Toilet" area window.

And, after all that sewing, I still have a few yards left from the 2 panels that were 84" long.

So in the end,
this entire 2 room update for fall and beyond cost less then 30 dollars with fabric left over.
Not a bad return for a window swap project.

Above accents from around the 2 rooms.

I'll share what I swapped out in the dining room in another post.
In the meantime,
don't you just love to shop your home and use what you have to decorate and
change out looks for the season?

The changes can be better in another area then first planned.

Another update project marked off the list.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you enjoy a great last week of August.



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