Thursday, March 12, 2015

Good Fences

Welcome to this week's 

Traveling down the road a piece~
We see this view of an old homestead, windmill, gorgeous fields and cows grazing.

Life is simply and uncomplicated!

We come to a spot with horses.
Love the one to the left as he came a running
to see who we were.

This beauty didn't pay any attention to us and kept right on grazing.
He is happy with his good fence.

Look at his gorgeous eyes and ombra colored tail.
Ladies pay big bucks to get that look!!! LOL

Driving down the road a little further,
we find these three longhorns behind the barbed wire fence.
They never stopped munchin either.
Guess it was dinner time for all.

Thank you for stopping by.


See you next time.
Celestina Marie

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