Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Paris Chic ~ Thank you!

Bloggy friends are very special.
Recently my giveaway winner was dear Sherry from Creatology. I was so happy to send her win and she shared it in a post.

However, to my surprise she sent me not only a thank you card, but a hand sewn and designed Paris and pink toile tote designed by her from her line called Sassy Chicks.

Chic card!

I was just over the moon thrilled to open a box to find this stunning purse/tote wrapped in a dress pattern.
The tote is reversible with one side being pink toile with darling heart button pins that can move around and be worn in different ways. And then, it reverses to a Paris fabric side with a pocket for sun glasses, cell phone, etc. Perfect and I love it. Thank you so very much Sherry. I am really enjoying it.

Visit Sherry and say hello. She is extremely talented and her work gorgeous.

In my studio I have a new addition and her name is Miss Mannie. A Paris chic dress form standing 5'5" tall and dressed in a damask fabric, black stand, pink and black feather boa and wearing vintage pearls and pin with a black and pink scarf. Oh she is gorgeous and is right at home with my black toile room.
Finding her was unexpected while shopping at Hobby Lobby for a few supplies. I was walking out with my purchase when I spotted Miss Mannie on the way out. She had a split side seam, and I thought, I could fix her and she would be good as new. So back inside I went, asked the manager about her, and he was nice enough to give me a huge discount. So home with me she came, given a few stitches on her side, replaced the trim and healed she was. I may not leave her with this fabric for long, but she really does fit in nicely in her original attire for now.

Please welcome and meet Miss Mannie~ last name Quin. LOL~~ I couldn't resist.

Thank you for stopping by. It is a very busy time in my studio these days. Working, I mean playing, long hours in the studio and loving every minute of it. It seems the holiday season is well underway and when you think about it, nearly just 3 months to Christmas. My brushes are calling.

Happy Fall~almost!

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