Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prayers Needed!

Hello dear friends! I was just about to post something tonight when I heard from my dear friend Ginny, at Faith Hope and Tea Therapy, that her hubby took a fall, broke his hip and has undergone surgery Monday evening. He is in horrible pain and this is really been hard on Ginny. Many of you know her and visit her lovely blog often. She is a beautiful lady that loves Christ and writes many lessons on life and her Christian walk. She has been an inspiration to all, and now she needs us to pray for this situation, the days ahead and the recovery of her loved one.
I ask that you join me in lifting Ginny's hubby in pray.
You can also visit her blog and post since this happened.

I'll be back tomorrow to post and announce the opening of my Little Pink Boutique on Make Mine Pink.
Remember, each and every post comment till June 1st gets an entry for my Springtime giveaway.We have 114 entries thus far. Thank you in advance for your comments and thank you for your prayers for Ginny.

Blessings and love to all,
Celestina Marie

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