Monday, October 28, 2013

Changeable Serving Tray

This wood tray has been in my stash of items to repaint for some time.
Years ago I painted a floral spray
of spring flowers on it.
Pretty for many years, but styles and tastes change
so it didn't bother me to paint it again.
Like most artist, we repaint treasures several times right over past works.
When I painted over this tray I kept it simply
with Chalk Paint in Old White
and Black with distressing for the raised sides and bottom.
 I also added an acrylic cut sheet of Plexiglas to protect the surface making it changeable for the seasons
by adding old graphics, cards, pictures and more under the sheet.
For the Plexiglas, I took the tray with measurements
to Home Depot and they cut the sheet right there for me.
Easy and inexpensive.
You could use glass, but that would make the tray very heavy to carry
for serving.
So getting to the changeable part, this season I used
a graphic for the Witch's Ball
copied on card stock and placed under the sheet
with a few silk leaves.

For another look, I enlarged and over sized
postcard graphics.

As you can see by the coffee table underneath,
this tray is large with plenty of room
for many looks.
I love how I can use this
tray in many ways.
And before I go today,
Here's one more thing.
My son's neighbor is a wood worker
and he designed this gorgeous bowl
from a tree and gave it to me as a gift.
I just love it and the natural
with real look of the tree
showing through.

Bottom is raised like a pedestal.
The surface is smooth and perfectly glazed.

Handy to hold a few coasters I created
from left over tiles
when we redesigned our kitchen.

Now I just have to share another
one more thing I noticed while writing this post.
While looking back at the tray pic below.
I noticed in the upper left hand corner,
it looked like the shadow of a spider!
What is this? 
Well, it is the shadow of my chandy over head.
Created from wood, iron and glass crystals,
it reflects like a long leg spider.
Perfect for the Witch's Ball Tray, right?
Thank you for visiting today and thank you for the
comments and emails on my last post
sharing a bit of the fabric and gift wrap.
Still learning!
Fall Entertaining.
Graphics used for tray
courtesy of
Have the perfect Fall Day!
Celestina Marie



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