Monday, August 31, 2009


Painting small tiny treasures can be a challenge, but one, that recently I was honored to try. It took me back to my years of designing small mini houses for a company in Ohio. Since then, I have not painted too many small pretties, until my dear friend from Tatting Chic posed the opportunity to paint roses on a tiny little wood shuttle used in her gorgeous tatted lace treasures. Let me say, if you are not familiar with what this very talented girl does, you must go visit her blog and enjoy the beautiful work she creates in tatting.

Anyway, Tatt Chic searched for a shuttle and found one in wood for me to paint. It is about the size in length of a quarter and a half long, and across about the size of a dime. I was excited when she sent the shuttle to me and after a few days of planning the process, I began the transformation.

Here are 2 pictures of what this sweet item looks like in it's before state. Tatt Chic let me borrow her post pics, since like normal for me, I forget to take the before pics. LOL!! The shuttle is beautiful in the original and beautiful wood surface, but Tatt Chic wanted it white with roses. In the art world, something like this can be a "no no" when someone has worked so hard to create such an item. So the idea was run by the maker of the shuttle first and she thought it would be fine.

Can you believe she creates such gorgeous tatted works from something so small? I don't know how she does it, but I tell you, she is good!!

As I proceeded to paint the shuttle inside and out, going with the white background that Tatt Chic wanted, I thought about the pretty treasures that this shuttle might bring forth from Tatt Chic's talented hands. It gave me a sweet sense that small things can bring such happiness.

I continued to paint the inside spool and outer edges a ground of pink. On the edges, I gave them some texture design under the paint first, using strokes in white, aqua (which does not show) and dots also on the front and back. Lastly, a pink rose with leaves and swiss dots was painted on both sides.
Here are two pics of the finished shuttle shown with the only tatted lace doily I own.

At this point, I sealed the entire shuttle with a light satin varnish to complete and protect the painted surface. However, this pretty needed a little home for storage when not in use, so I painted a sweet little box to hold the shuttle.

This was a special project for a wonderful person we know and love as Tatting Chic. I had so much fun working on this small treasure. Thank you dear friend, for the opportunity and challenge. I hope you enjoy your painted shuttle for years to follow.

Please take a moment and visit Tatting Chic and her post about the shuttle too. View her beautiful works and be amazed at the talent, time and creativity to make her gorgeous works of art.

Until next time, I will be back in the studio after my 2 week staycation. Lots going on for the holidays and much more to share about the projects I finished while home.
Blessings to you always, Celestina Marie

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