Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kuick, Koverup, Kraft~~

Do you ever have a favorite of something and want it to look more decorative?
Well, as I have brought a bit of aqua into my spring decor,
I have a favorite hand lotion
with an aqua pump top that I love to have handy sitting out on the master bath
But the thing is, I'm not one for clutter and I love items to be placed~
deliberately and decorative.
So anyway,
 I have this large bottle of lotion, fairly priced and one I grab for all through the day.
I need it out and handy.
But I want a pretty look to fit in with my decor.
So goes this little project.
Staring with the shape of the bottle,
I trace around the front design shape using tracing paper.
Next, I used a pretty french perfume graphic from
Sized it to about the length of the bottle and shape I traced.
Printed it off on card stock and then cut it out, the shape of the tracing paper.
And, the card stock was white and matches the bottle perfectly past the print of the graphic
covering up any small print on the bottle.
Then I  placed the new shape of the graphic on the bottle
and glued in place using mod podge.
Let dry~
and applied a coat of Triple Thick over the graphic.
Let dry flat to keep from any thick running of the TT and later add a ribbon trim.
A touch of the aqua on the pump top with  a new look.
When empty, it can be refilled.
Kuick, Koverup  Kraft
Easy, quick and with a designer look.
Remember, any wrinkles will dry out flat when using Triple Thick.
Happy Spring
See you soon.
Celestina Marie

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