Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let The Decorating Begin

Okay, I know we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet,
but I decided to start early to enjoy the season.
No rushing around and missing the joy of the holidays.
The lights will go on Thanksgiving evening. 
I usually start decorating the day after anyway.
The difference this year, I will relax
and the work complete.
Well, it's really not work to me since I love to decorate.
But you all know how we spend days decorating
to bring the joy of Christmas to our homes, family and friends.
Over the weekend~~
Down from the attic
came all the tubs of Christmas.
There's more~

And Santa was awaken from his slumber.
Oh he lost his glasses,
I'm sure there here in one of these boxes.
He doesn't look to happy~~~
He thought he had a few more weeks to sleep.

Ornaments will be ready to shine and enjoy.

Mistletoe  to be  hung.

Wreaths to hang and welcome visitors.

Pine cones to gather.

Cards to write~
Shopping to do~
Projects to create~
Lists to make~
Baking to do~
Cleaning and washing and on and on and on~
Do you see why I am starting early?
I promised myself to keep it simple,
no rushing,
just enjoying~
No over the top craziness!!
Do I hear an Amen????
Anyone else in the spirit yet??
See you again soon
I'm not rushing! LOL
Be Blessed
I'll be back to share these
dress form ornaments
next time!
Celestina Marie

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