Monday, February 9, 2015

Mid Winter Mantel and Balance~

Hi Friends~
To brighten the winter grey days,
I've added a pop of red throughout my home.

To the Sitting room mantel, I did the same.
 When strolling down the 66% off  aisle in Hobby Lobby,
I came across this gorgeous red geraniums print with black, white and a canning jar for the subject.

I loved it and thought it might work on the mantel for late winter working up to springtime.
Plus it was such a great reduced price of 15 dollars, how could I pass it up.

The black and white is perfect for this room and a checkerboard design
always speaks to me.

My idea here is to not only share the red but to share positioning treasures for balance using
odd numbers of items.

I prefer the look of an odd number of pieces which I find pleasing to the eye.
Some of us like everything to be placed evenly and I do that too at times where needed.
This mantel just happens to always end up arranged in odd numbers of objects.

This rustic pitcher brings out the color in the prints frame corners and raised on books for elevation. This become a section and arrangement of 3.

The candles come on with timers each evening for a cozy glow
and this tall vase also picks up the colors from the print.

Again this side is in odd numbers of objects and not all vases need to hold flowers.
The pitcher on the opposite side with it's tall spike greens 
gives the height needed for balance.

The only red comes from the geraniums and to have more might take away from the focal point.

The eye settles in the center with these two sweet birds.
I hand painted these several years ago from a Dollar Store find.
Adding shades of white and creams give them interest.

So all together there is 9 items for balance.
I am counting the candle sticks and glass as one,
The stack of books as one.
The  pitcher and spikes as one.
The framed print as one.
The little birds as two.
Then lastly the tall vase, little quote plaque and second candle stick,
all as one each.
Totaling 9.

Is this crazy?
I do believe in decorating there are no set rules.
If it looks good to you and you're living with it, 
that's what matters.

I just happen to have learned the odd number balance when studying interior design many years ago.
Today those first ideas are not as popular
but many of us are doing this without even realizing it.

When you look around at your displays and vignettes,
I bet many are situated in uneven numbers ranging from 3, 7 and 9.
Look around.
You might be surprised.

As we move from Mid Winter to Spring I am enjoying the pop of red
and a bit of balance for the season.

 The End!

~See you next time~

~Be Blessed~

Celestina Marie


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