Friday, December 4, 2015

Merry Mix!

Have you been baking for Christmas? 
Do you make Christmas cookies a tradition in your family for home and gifts?

 I love to bake for Christmas and I try and make an assortment of cookies
candies for a variety on the cookie tray. 

However, each year, finding enough time for all this fun, is limited. 
I will get it all done in good time,
 but I found a little short cut for a gift idea years ago
I thought I would share it with you today.

I am calling my quick, easy and tasty snack mix, "Merry Mix" 
often known as Monster Mix in grocery stores and very expensive,
 loaded with additives to preserve it's shelf life.

So to start with, you will need,
 a box of raisins, 
jar of unsalted peanuts,
 an average size bag of butterscotch morsels,
 milk chocolate chips
red and green M&M's.
 You can adjust this depending on what you like. 
Enjoy cashews, add them in. 
But remember to try and keep the ingredients compatible and those that go together. 
I might also say, this can also be made in  the springtime by using pastel M&M's.

In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients and stir to blend.

Next you can fill jars for gift giving or cookie tins. I used glass jars which show the red and green Christmas colors. I found these at the craft shoppes this year for 50% off making these nice jars perfect for this project.

Now as the jars are filled, 
you can add gift tags and bows around the lids or even an ornament.

Tags made from vintage graphics add a nice touch.

Add some pretty ribbon and a tag.

Finished and ready to give to family and friends.
I have to say, this mix is so yummy and looks festive in a candy dish.
 I hope you will try it or make your own combination of this idea for Merry Mix.
 It's fast, quick, easy and perfect to make when you are busy,
 but still need a little homemade treat to give.

 It won't last long either!
It's very addictive!

Have a wonderful December day 
great weekend!!

Enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest. 
I'll be back again soon to share my holiday decor.

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Merry Christmas!
Celestina Marie

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