Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finally a Solution~~~

for our sweet Miss Beazy Lee and the fear, anxiety and nervous episodes in thunderstorms.
Last night we knew bad weather with thunder and lightening were on the way, and of course we are always concern for our little fur baby because she does not like storms of any kind. Normally she just lays with her blanket for being a large breed with lots of fur she would get hot.

But this time, we had an idea to wrap our baby in her favorite blanket anyway to see what she would do. Well, the wrap was the solution. She did great. No shaking, no distress and no fear. She stayed calm and quiet with no panic and running to hide under the bed, tables or behind the sofa. We were just amazed at the difference.

Today my best guy went on line to look for any reports on this being a helpful idea and low and behold he found the info we would have loved to have known long ago.
It seems there is even a company that sell clothing for your fur friend called Thundershirts. Yes, you read it, Thundershirts.
The way they work is to make a layer covering between the fur and the static electrical effects that storms create and our pooches fill in the air all around them making them very anxious.
Of course not all dogs are affected, but many are and this may be a helpful solution for many of you too.

What have we got to lose by wrapping our little babies in there favorite blankies or putting on a t-shirt, maybe even purchasing the Thundershirt.

Miss B is modeling her own t-shirt in chocolate brown and pink along with her pink shabby blanket, her favorite that she loves and naps with everyday. Not sure we have to order a Thundershirt since she has done so well with her own attire.

Hope this info helps others that may be facing this same thing during severe rain storms. We never knew that relief for our sweetie was just a blanket wrap or T-shirt away.

Till next time, Have a blessed Sunday.
Miss Beazy feels blessed as she is wearing her T-shirt and is calm as can be with our rain today.

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