Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Waking to White, Creates a Glove Box Design

Happy Winter here!!
Yes, this is Texas,
 but we woke up yesterday

 to a beautiful wintry mix of light snow and very cold temps.

I just had to share a few pics with you.
 Growing up in Michigan,
I am not new to snow and ice,

 but living here, it is very rare.
Pretty white snow on the Palm Tree!

The rose arch looks so pretty glittering with light snow.

Almost like it is in full bloom!
 Today makes for the perfect day
 for creating.
 I finished a vintage glove box with paint,
 lace, trims and crocheted flowers.
These are easy and fun to redesign.
You might remember the tutorial I shared HERE.
By the time I finished this post and glove box,
 the snow was gone and only a memory now.
The cold is still here and our weather people say,
Thursday may bring more of the same.
  More creating on the way.
Stay warm!
Happy Winter's Day!
Celestina Marie

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