Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Creating a Flagstone Porch with Leftovers~

Hi Friends

In my last post  HERE, I shared our Oklahoma Flagstone patio project and happily marked off the list of our summer "to dos."

As I said, the list is near the bottom and so glad for that.
Mr. CMDesign and I are a team of home improver's
and luckily we had left over Oklahoma Flagstone 
from the patio redo and decided to use it on the front porch.

It was something we wanted to do for many years.
Not sure what the builder was thinking with the red tile
as it did not do anything for our brick color.

Anyway, here is the BEFORE porch tile.

I guess it would be okay if we had different brick on the house in these shades.
But our brick is browns, ivory, rust and the typical flagstone colors.

Look at the tear out.
What a mess.
Dust everywhere!

Now here is the AFTER complete 
with everything placed back on the porch.

 Can you see the color blending with the brick?
So much better and looks bigger too.

The corner pots are handmade pottery from Mexico.

These hanging pots are Purslane.
They do very well in our hot weather
and can withstand dry conditions.

I had this little bistro set in the backyard
and moved it to the front with all it's distress and rust.
Love the shabby patina and aged look on the chairs and the rest of the set is beginning
to bring on the rust too.

Welcome Friends~

The door color is by Ralph Lauren
in a farmhouse rose red.

I also added green and lavender Hydrangeas to my door urn.
I added this urn several years ago
found at Hobby Lobby.
They still carry this one too.

The eagle above the entrance
has hung on 8 houses we've owned over the years.
Made from solid brass and a house warming gift
to our first home.
It was of course gold and I repainted it a soft white to show up better with the trim
and shutters.

Well that's it.
All the flagstone in and another project crossed off the summer list.

Thanks for stopping by for part two of the Flagstone install.

Have a great day and see you soon!


Blessings and Southern DayDreams
Celestina Marie

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