Thursday, January 28, 2016

Going South ~ Good Fences

Happy Good Fences Day Friends!

Here we are in the last week of January.

Can you believe how the weeks flew by?

Well on with the year right?

As you may know,
I visited Waco, Texas
"The Silo's and Magnolia Market" last week for a long weekend trip.

We had a wonderful time and I have lots of pics to share soon.

Along the way going south to Waco,
I used the opportunity to spot some great areas with fences.
I hope to share those in the weeks ahead.

On this beautiful blue sky day during our trip,
I shot some great bridge fence photos
over the Brazos River.

Looks like a longhorn to the right~~~

Such a pretty blue sky day!

Yes it was a longhorn in bronze displayed on a cattle drive.

This cowboy driving the longhorns around the river.

Life size and beautiful!

Like you're riding along~

You can almost hear the thunder of  cattle as they run by.

The patina on the longhorns is gorgeous!

This cattle driver shot against the blue sky, is my favorite.

We had a great time and I will share more soon.
Especially the Magnolia Market.
The Silos.
The Magnolia House.
Shops that the Fixer Upper duo visit.
much more!!

See you soon.

Thanks for stopping by
as I join the fun

Have a fence shot? 
come join the fun!!

Celestina Marie

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Good Luck!

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