Friday, April 17, 2009


For most of us, we can never have too much storage space. In my studio I am always trying to upgrade and find different ways to store all the many supplies it takes to create with. Unique jars, shelves, containers and even an old roasting pan to hold paint bottles. I love to be organized and keep clutter limited. At times, my room looks like a tornado has gone through it with stuff everywhere and glitter covering most surfaces. That's when I stop, regroup and clean up my mess just to start making a new one. I know many artists who create best in a mess. I am not one of those people. I have a need to keep things straight in order to be accomplished. This seems to work for me and I am always looking for new ways to keep my studio organized. So I thought I would share a few ways I use to hold creative supplies.

If you remember past posts of my creative space, you know I have a black toile decor taken from Inspiration in a Spring/Summer issue of Romantic Country 2007. The following year I redesigned mine, inspired from elements in Fifi O'Neil's toile studio. Since then it has changed a few times to meet my daily work load and needs.

Toile fabric skirt I made to hide the clutter under the work table. It is attached with velcro to easy remove when I need to get supplies underneath.

Chest of drawers I purchased from Hobby Lobby for a huge discount because one of the drawers had a crack in it. That's not a problem for me, a little distressed never hurts anything. The drawers hold ribbons, trims and other embellishments. On the top is the vintage lamp from my sweet friend Ann from Ann's Finds. I covered the unique square shade with toile fabric and it just adds a cozy feel to the room.

Recently I added this white wicker chair I found several years ago at a tag sale. Added a cushion and soft toile quilt with pillows for a cozy spot to read or take a break. I realized something about myself when I moved the room around to put this chair by the window. And, that was, I love to position a cozy spot by a window. I have done this in several places throughout my home. In this case, I can see those pretty roses dh planted.

Tall storage cupboards hold product and display a few favorite aprons.

Desk area where I blog and work on the computer.

Side of an old sewing machine where the drawers would fit. Turned on it's side and hung makes the perfect shelf to hold pretty treasures.
Old shadow box house that my dad made, now holds tons of paint bottles.

Pink wood tote to hold, what else, lots of pink paints!
Storage right under the work table to roll out when needed.
Lots of jar storage. Large jars hold trims and baby food jars hold gems, buttons and silk roses. Canisters hold more embellishments in a decorative way. While an old roaster pan painted pink holds more paints.

Victorian boot my mother made years ago holds sponge brushes.
Lazy susan great for brushes, pencils and other items used often.
Drawings of sweet Miss Beazy Lee.

The search for unique ways to store and organize will continue.

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Blessed with La Job~

Do you have ideas for unique and fun storage using items you have in a different way? It is so much fun to give new purpose to old objects or collectible treasures.

Till next time, I'll be in the studio, with brush in hand.

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Blessings and Blue Skies, Celestina Marie

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