Monday, June 22, 2015

Been on a Box Roll

Hi Friends
Hope your new week is off to a good start.

It seems my creating goes in directions of it's own most of the time.
I get on a roll with a certain surface and that just takes over.

Recently it's been boxes.

All sorts of boxes to decorate and paint filling  the shelves in my shop.

Here's a few past and the latest.

 I also found another vintage glove box.
This one is square and rare to find in this shape.
It will be a gift filled with a few goodies.

Hand Painted light pink with added vintage lace.

On the inside lid a hidden vintage surprise.

Lace and trims line the bottom,

and more lace all around the sides.

Now I'm moving on in another direction.

That's how my creating seems to roll.

I never know what, where or when something is going to inspire.

Like a new family direction and new chapter of life,
 has me creating a home office for my best guy.
Post and pics to come soon!

Thanks for stopping by and also for inspiring me when I visit you.

Have a wonderful week.

*** Celestina Marie ***


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