Friday, October 9, 2009


Welcome to my Friday Fun Day. By the time you read this, I will probably be on a treasure hunt at our neighborhood's annual fall yard sale. I hope it doesn't rain. But it will be going on Saturday too, so someway I will be out there.
I have been a little under the weather with a sinus/ear infection, but went to the doctor, got some meds and I will soon be back to my usual speed. Not much can hold me down!! Thank you for the well wishes you sent. You dear friends are always so sweet and thoughtful.

Now, on to some fun. I have a large collection of vintage jewels to share today. Most of this collection from the 40's,50's and 60's, belonged to my mother and a few pieces were my grandmother's. I have wanted to share some of these special pieces for some time now, so I hope you enjoy these vintage treasures.

This first brooch is full of shiny wonderful bling and I remember my mother wearing it on a dress coat. I knew I got my "love of bling" from somewhere.

I adore this leaf pin and earring set. I have worn the leaf pin on a lapel and just love it. The earrings could be used as shoe jewels.

Love this one, green gem flower with earring set~

Or a cirle pin and earrings set~

Star Pin from the 50's

Flower Pin with sweet bling!

This heart pin is also one of my favorites and I actually purchased it from a college professor I had when I studied "Antiques and Collectibles." She had many to sell the students and I loved this one, being so fond of hearts. She sold it to me for only 3 dollars. Can you believe that? It is gorgeous in person. I usually wear it on a winter coat around the holidays.

This next group of earrings are large statement type ear jewels that clip on. These could be clipped to shoes, boots, or home decor. I love to use pins also on pillows and have done so throughout my home.

Here is a pair of gorgeous pink button earrings that I added to a pair of vintage shoes. I found these shoes on etsy. They were white, I painted them pink and added the button earrings to embellish. I do not wear these, I purchased them to decorate my shabby rose guestroom below a lace dress. Aren't they beautiful? They are about a size 2. I think they might fit our sweet friend Amy, from Bunny Rose Cottage. She has tiny little tootsies!!

Lots of 40's bling here in this rhinestone Y necklace. My mother said my dad gave this to her one Christmas Eve, way before I was born. How romantic!!

Gorgeous purples adorn this necklace and earring set.

This vintage necklace was given to me by my mother in law. It belonged to my husband's grandmother from Austria. It is a black onyx stone surrounded by marcasite and silver. In person, it is gorgeous!

Lastly I will show you my vintage ring boxes. I just love these types of boxes and watch for them when I treasure hunt. Hard to find now, and when you do,they are very expensive. These three were owned between my mom and grandma. The middle box with the red velvet center is the most expensive. I saw one on ebay that sold for around 200 dollars. My gosh, I couldn't believe it. I will never part with this piece.

Well I have a few more pieces, but I will save them for another Fun Friday Fashion. I hope you enjoyed viewing these old treasures as much as I did to share them with you. I'll be off to treasure hunt this weekend in hopes of finding something special to redesign and fill the shelves in my shoppes. I will take the weekend off to recoup and get better. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you next week for Monday Marvels and Musings.
Blessings always, Celestina Marie

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