Monday, June 9, 2014

Behind The Bathroom Door~~

Hi Friends
Hope you enjoyed a nice weekend.

Recently I've been sharing my to do list of spring/summer projects with you.

Well behind this door was another project on my list to do for a long time.

You know one of those things that you put off
because you know you have to make a huge mess to get it done.

A few weeks ago, I shared my master bathroom update
and my plans to update the walk in closet/dressing room too.

So with the empty closet and said clothes piled in the bedroom and bath,
Mr. Southern DayDreams and I began the process.

Here is a bit of the BEFORE in much need of fresh paint, new metal rods to replace the wood rods 
and shelves to take out to place clothes rods instead.

You can see below where we took out shelves
and replaced with clothes rods for better use of the space.
I'd rather hang clothes then have everything folded on shelves.
It was not a good plan by the builder.
We took out 6 shelves in the center of the room.

Out with the wood rods and replaced them with metal.
I saved those rods though. You know I'll find a use for those.

These shelves will be for basket drawers
Now the painting began.
I had the fun part of painting the trim and woodwork.

After completely dry, I started to add the goodies to organize this space.
Can you guess what side is mine????
Gotta love shoe and boot bag organizers, right?

Then I recovered this step stool and made a little bulletin board for handy reminders to see while getting dressed etc.

When I went to cover the board, I ran out of  this script fabric.
So I added designer duct tape to the top and bottom to fill in.
This actually worked out good since it also holds the ribbon in place to hold notes.

Look close at the script. I added my own words in the empty spots.
~Fashion and notes~

Here it is and the basket drawers fit perfectly in the shelf space.
For LJ, we added a belt rack on his side above the mirror.
Lightening was cleaned and put back in place.
Gee, I wanted a chandy, but my better half couldn't see my vision!!

I did add some pretty storage decor and wall art though.

With all the rods in place it was time to hang the clothes back up.

I placed organization above with basket boxes, a purse organizer,
docking station and even a file cabinet.

Filling it up~

A couple vintage style hat boxes on top shelves.

Love this Paris box found at Home Goods.

 All complete!

Looking in from the master bath to my side.

 Looking in from the master bedroom
to hub's side.

Oh and I got the center new racks where we took out the shelves!!
You didn't think he needed the extra space did you?

So I close the door to this project and another marked off the list!

Thanks for stopping by.
See you next time.

~Hugs from Texas~

Celestina Marie


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