Friday, July 10, 2009


Welcome to a summer home tour at my dear friend Lorri's home. We can walk just around the block from my home to hers where she lives with her husband and sweet greyhound named Ellie.

Lorri moved here from British Columbia where she began painting many years ago. As a small child she loved to create. Her mother encouraged her talents giving her papers to paint. Everything was a surface to Lorri even then. She remembers a time when she decided to redesign and change the colors on the Cinderella wall paper in her childhood room. Her mother never was upset, smiled and handed her more paper to create on. Lorri's mother is very special, she knew not to scold the artist, but rather encourage the creative side of her daughter.

Later in years, Lorri actually worked for a shoppe owner where she studied Decorative Painting going on to custom paint for clients, and the rest is history as they say.

Lorri and I met six years ago at Hobby Lobby. We happened to be browsing the decorative arts supplies when we took up a conversation and have been great friends ever since. She, like myself, is a decorative artisit and loves to decorate and redesign from great thrift finds. Needless to say, we have a lot in common and can talk for hours about decorating and bounce ideas off each other for redos of old and new treasures. Before we go inside, just look at her beautiful potato plant trailing out on to the driveway. These actually came back from last year. I'd say, Lorri has a green thumb!

Hi Lorri, thank you for having us over for a home tour today.

"Welcome to my home, so nice to have you visit."

As we enter through the yummy green door, we face several directions to go, but let's go upstairs first to view her garden room loft, studio and guest room for part one of our tour.

As we reach the top of the staircase, we see a gorgeous garden loft that leads to the other second floor rooms. This area is a recent redesign for Lorri. The vintage china cabinet in it's previous life was dark wood teamed with other dark elements in the area. Lorri wanted to lighten and redesign the area so she set to painting all the pieces with raw cotton and the transformation is amazing. Light, bright and inviting making this space a shabby fresh and romantic sitting area.

The door you see leads to the master bedroom which we will see next time. For now, let's continue in this gorgeous setting. The china cabinet belonged to her grandmother who brought it from Bangor, Maine to Canada during the depression years. Lorri also being from Canada, before becoming my neighbor and friend, inherited this piece after it was handed to her mother first. Three generations have enjoyed this beautiful piece and the raw cotton paint, gave it new life that shows off the details.

Remember to click on the pics to enlarge to see the details. The beautiful bunnies displayed here are what else but another treasured yard sale find. Behind the cabinet, the porch post is a thrift find that Lorri also painted and distressed.

Across the room is a fabulous tea cart, also another great thrift find, positioned with a rocker that Lorri also painted.

Did you notice the pink doily on the tea cart? Lorri found this sweet treasure, needed it pink, so she used the new pink fabric dyes to give it a new look. It turned out beautiful.
Now turning to the left, we see a french door with a beautiful summer dress hanging. Inside this room is Lorri's shabby rose studio where she paints, crafts and creates her treasures. Let's go inside.

This room over looks the backyard, the pool and the gorgeous trees. With Lorri's painting table facing the window, it is the perfect spot to be inspired and create. It was difficult to get a brighter pic due to our bright Texas sun. I edited this several times, so enlarge to see better. Take a look at the wall color. The top is a pink with a white wash over top to tone it down and the bottom a soft pretty green.

Moving around the room we see a vintage ironing board perfect for making extra counter space for projects. The easel was also a yard sale find, once again painted raw cotton and displaying a gorgeous print from Ross. We always browse Ross finding great treasures for decorating. Lorri dry brushed a light ivory on the frame to give it a shabby style. Looks like Lorri is working on some winter sleds for Christmas.

Lorri's painting table shows the artist at work. What a beautiful and relaxing place to work. Across from here you see storage cabinets that line the walls holding art supplies and surfaces. In their previous life, they were solid white. Lorri took quilt designed fabric, cut out the shapes and decoupaged them on the doors with tassels for accent on the door handles. It is an amazing look. Take notice above the cabinets. There Lorri displays collectibles and gorgeous victorian prints found at the Goodwill. All she did was clean them up and paint the frames for contrast and that shabby style.

This is a long tour. There is so much to see. We are still on the second floor and now we will move on to the guestroom. Here Lorri displays more redesigned furniture and a few of her hand painted treasures. Who wouldn't love to stay in this inviting room?

Notice the tea tray on the bed. Lorri found gorgeous floral post cards at an antique mall and applied them to the tray giving it a new and vintage look. It is gorgeous and perfect for guests to enjoy a cup of tea perhaps sitting on the window seat.

The night stand provides a cozy and comfy spot to retire with a good book. On the wall are cabinet doors hand painted by Lorri with a bear design by Maxine Thomas. Fluffy towels displayed in an over sized basket ready for guests, sit handy and ready for use.

Along the entry wall is another gorgeous painted chest Lorri did some time ago. It looks perfect with the light furniture and provides space for guests to unpack and be organized.

This ends part one of my summer home tour with Lorri. I hope you enjoyed it so far. Coming next we will visit Lorri's master bedroom, bath, guest bath and second floor office.Along with being introduced to Ellie, Lorri's sweet greyhound. It will be fun with design elements sure to give you some great creative ideas.
Thank you Lorri for having us over. See you again soon for part two.
Till then, I am off to paint. Blessings, Celestina Marie

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