Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Find For Redesign!

Greetings Everyone~~ Vacation is over and it is back to reality!! We had a great time in the "Land of Enchantment" and I'll share some pics from Santa Fe soon, but today I want to show you a vintage black Samsonite suitcase I found earlier in the summer.
What a find for 5 dollars. The inside was so nice, I decided to leave it as is. Usually I paint and line these types of cases, but this one really needs to shine just the way it is. Well, except for a vintage graphic design on the front. This case even had the key included, which is rare.

So I picked out a few vintage graphics to mix on the front. Courtesy of The Graphic's Fairy and the fun began!

Next, I layout the placement after cutting around the edges with a pretty scissor design and glue down using Modpodge only on one side.
After all dries, I glaze the top of just the graphics, with Triple Thick. This forms a glass like surface that will hold up to everyday use. It leaves a smooth surface that will not rip or tear away.

Now here is a question for you. After I finished this sweet treasure, I decided it was missing something to the center. What do you think it needs?

To the center?

This Victorian Lady graphic?

Or this pretty vintage graphic of the lady in her hat with rose?

How about this simple rose graphic design?

I think I like them all, but leaning towards the rose.

It sure is pretty in my newly updated master bedroom. This time I will keep this one, but others will fill the shelves in my shop soon. They are perfect for holding treasures, scarves, magazines, greeting cards and lots more.

Breaks over~~ Thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you soon as I return all the visits while I was away. Thank you for the kind comments and always such encouraging words. You are the best!!

Have a Creative Day~~
Smiles, Celestina Marie

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