Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Springtime is on it's way~~~~

All around our area of North Texas, Spring is beginning to warm the days and wake the flowers from their winter nap. My pretty red Camellia bush is full of buds and several blooms. Gorgeous in yellow, is my Carolina Jasmine. Pots of Knock Out Roses that line the entry to our garage in the driveway are filling out nicely with new leaves and lots of growth. And, my hydrangeas are up and filling in with long stalks reaching for the sunshine.

Yes, Springtime is on it's way. I can't wait to work in the garden, dig in the dirt and talk to my flowers once more. I believe one is nearer to God in the garden. I long for the peace and quiet of the new blooms as they enjoy their rebirth. The fragrant aroma in the air of fresh flowers when the wind blows. The scent of the earth after a soft rain and the feeling of a new beginning each and every day of the new Spring.

Today I snapped a few first pics of my garden trying to wake up. Received Country Gardens magazine in the mail with a spotlight on the cottage style garden, which I can't wait to read~~~ and watched as my neighbors Bradford Pear tree dropped white blossoms like a Spring snowfall as the wind blew.

As the Springtime is surely on it's way and it arrives with a huge welcome,
I know that many around the country are still entertaining the last of winter with ice and cold rains. But the hope for us all, is a new season coming upon us.

Thank you for the kind comments on my Cucina redesign. Your words surely have been an encouragement and blessing.

Have a wonderful March Day and Happy Springtime!
Smiles, Celestina Marie

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