Thursday, July 2, 2015

Good Fences

Hi Friends~
Is it Thursday already?
That makes it time for

Today I'm sharing a few more pics from 
The Hill Country last fall.

A country row of cottages and special fences.
Wouldn't you love to live in a neighborhood like this?
Split rail with cross members in an X design travels all along the cottage row.
Love the bushes growing along the way.

Special views through the trees.
I think I might add shutters to the windows if I lived here.

This stone stacked fence has great cottage charm, don't you think?

Another inviting old home surrounded by an open split rail.
Evenings on the porch would be so special!

Each fence in the cottage row so unique making them all
Good Fences!!

Thank you for stopping by to visit this week.


Be Blessed

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