Sunday, May 17, 2009


Mary, Mary quite contrary~
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and SHABBY shells~
And pretty maids all in a row!

Yard redesign and planting was the plan this season. We pulled, removed, tore out, replaced and reworked our entire yard. Was it a lot of work? Yes, but needed to be done. After many years, some trees, scrubs and bushes just pass on and need to be replaced or at least removed. So that was the order for 3 weeks of work this Spring. DH and I did all the work ourselves except for the larger trees, which needed a small crew to remove them. It really was fun throughout the whole process. For me, I enjoy the redesigning the best. Like any interior decorating project, only outside. I really love to garden and dig in the dirt, planting and trying to see a vision for what might be. At least until the Texas heat hits.

My pictures look bare right now as everything has to grow a bit to fill in the areas, but with all the rain we had lately, everything is really growing leaps and bounds. Some very large trees, like the Southern Magnolia are original to the yard and the two we replaced are Savannah Holly, which stay green year round like the rest of the yard.

This time I forgot to take before pics, but I finally was able to take a few of the finished yard even though it was cloudy. It did help with glare outside.

This picture is from the gate as you enter the yard. In it's before life, it was a mess of ill trees, bushes and overgrowth. We removed everything except a few trees to leave an anchor and then added the smaller plantings for scale and fill in the wider areas. Eight yards of river rock was used all around the yard and pool area. The design along the path was made to follow the walkway shape and we added larger stone to define the path and keep the rock inside the area.

This photo looks back from the side to the entry.

Tne next few pics are from other angles along the pathway.

Some of the plantings are Clematis along the fence, Coreopsis, African daisies, Roses, Gardenias, Camellias, Lilac Bushes, hydrangeas, Geraniums, Purslane, Impatiens, Begonias, Azaleas and Morning Glories planted by seed.

I like to place pots of flowers among the inground plantings for interest. The bistro table set is placed on a bricked area that gives a feel of old world charm.
The next few pics are the view from across the yard and goes into another area that passes through a archway filled with mini roses and leads to a secret garden sitting area with a water feature of old world pots. It is so restful to sit under the giant magnolia tree. I just love this tree, but it sheds everyday. Picking up the leaves is good exercise.

This area, near the Magnolia is my favorite piece above all. The potting bench was made for me, by my son for Christmas 3 years ago. It was a pretty chocolate brown and this season I gave it a fresh coat of garden green. I use this nearly everyday to plant, tend to flowers and hold supplies for gardening.

The patio area needed an upgrade too so I recovered all the furniture with an outdoor fabric by Tommy Bahama in a basket weave rust. I added hydrangea and fern accents for the pillows and accessories and included a touch of blue for a punch of color to reflect the tile around the pool. We spend a lot of time here when we are not working.

While I believe the fun is in the details. I had fun making a few unique items for an element of surprise. The table between the chairs is made from a birdbath filled with rocks, shells, blue crystal stones and topped with a thick glass top.
Then, I had an old vintage mirror that I framed with shells and hung among the trees to reflect the area.

Of course I have to decorate with collectibles, rocks and old treasures.

Southern Magnolia!

Thank you for sharing in my garden redesign. It was a really fun project, but we are so glad to be finished before it gets too hot. There are many blessings to be surrounded with in a garden. Watching flowers in bloom, taking care to help mother nature and enjoying the beauty God has given us.
Until next time, blessings and blue skies always, Celestina Marie

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