Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Under The Staircase

Just under the stairs,
in my library/family room~
is a tiny little powder room.
Keeping it neutral in color helps to give
this space a larger look.
I painted the walls
bordered the chair rail~
Cut out old books (keeping with the library look) for the back of the la-toilet shelf,
found this old shelf in my stash just waiting for a redo.
This shelf had three hooks at the bottom that would not work,
so I removed those along with three nail heads in the 3 areas above the hooks.
Painted the shelf in a pecan sandie shade of off white,'
added a french graphic from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY
using the Colorless Chartpak blender pen method.

Steps to Transfer
1. Print your design mirrored and print on a Laserjet printer only.
it will not work with inject to transfer.
2. Position the graphic or design printed on your paper
to the surface like wood in this case.
3. Run the pen over the graphic to transfer to the surface.
That's it!
I have tried other brand colorless blenders but I like Chartpak the best.

This is the new look and fit perfect above the petite  pedestal sink.
It's hard to take pics in this small space
so I hope you get the idea.

Notice the painted border paper that goes around the room.
I painted this the same color as the walls.
It gives some interest without making the room look even smaller.
Above the towel hook
I placed a sweet bird pic.
Found at the Goodwill,
I painted the frame cottage white
and distressed the high areas and edges.
On the largest wall,
I accented this area with a wall canvas I designed some time ago
and posted Here.
Above La-toilet
I have added a book border of vintage old books.
I found this roll of border paper some time ago
at the hardware.
Next, I cut out the books away from the background.
This makes them look like they are real and sitting on the shelf.
This goes with the library look this powder room is in.


The next pic are real school books of my mother's
from the 40's placed on the shelf.
They go wonderful with the vintage border.

                      The tissue box was a paper mache box,
Again I used the border paper as a cover,
just wrap and glue in place.
It sits on a tall corner cabinet
my father make for me many years ago.
Great to hold a few hand towels and tissue.
Faux candles with auto timers
top the shelf.
I have added a few shells
and tiny stones topping
two larger stones with inspirational words.
This next pic shares a sweet vintage figurine
of a man shaving as the little boy watches.
I found this in the 90's and it reminded me of my hubby as
our son watched his dad shave when he was a little boy. 
Sweet Memories!
Because I love clocks~
and every room needs one,
I have added this darling seat clock my mother
created so many years ago.
So that's it~
Another project crossed off the list.
I am still working on that sewing room/laundry.
Lots going on there and it is a challenge, but hope to be finished soon.
Thank you for stopping by.
See  you soon!
~Happy Creating~
Celestina Marie


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