Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cottage Glow~

Can I say, I just love to redesign lamps
of all kinds.
I've been organizing, cleaning and rearranging my creative space
 adding a new piece or two for storage
along with the "Helper Table" I shared earlier this week.

One of the new pieces for storage sits in front of the window wall.
I'll share this when I join Where Bloggers Create July 12th.

Anyway, to the top of that new piece I wanted a little lamp. The kind that would
look so sweet through the window when dark. 

I love how adding a soft glow of light just adds to the cozy feel of a room.
I also love the early  morning hours when I head to my studio,
coffee in hand,
to start the day before the sun rises.

Don't you just love a light in the window?
 It says, someone is home.
On a rainy day, it can transform the room into a storybook cottage.
The soft glow of light calls me to read or paint, create and dream.


So getting back to the little lamp.
On a recent trip to Wally World, I found a pretty little lamp base
and burlap shade perfect for  redesign.

To the base, I painted it a pretty chalk paint from DecoArt named Lace.
This shade has fast become one of my favorite soft off whites.

After the base was dry, I gave the base a light distress all around
for a little cottage charm.

Isn't it a pretty shade of paint? ~ and  the base looks like old plaster.

oh and that's not the new piece in the background~

Next, I added vintage crocheted lace to the shade in overlapping layers
 with the burlap showing through.
To the top and bottom of the shade, I trimmed it with my grandmothers crocheted edge.

The all over lace is a mix of off white shades of crochet threads.

So pretty with the soft glow of light showing through.
I can see some crystal beads hanging from the lace edge.
I'll be on the lookout for those.

Thank you grandma for your beautiful crocheted treasures.

The pineapple pattern turned sideways is also hand crocheted with her amazing talent.
I think I need to add a few vintage books under the lamp.
Don't you love the charm of vintage books in decorating?

This whole project was under 15 dollars to create. 
The cozy glow~priceless.

Don't you love little easy and quick projects
that make a big impact for little cost?
Do you love to decorate with lamps?

Thank you for stopping by.
Till next time~
Wishing you Southern DayDreams!

Celestina Marie

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