Monday, April 25, 2016

A Visit to the Garden

Hi Friends,
I'm stopping in to share a little walk around my spring garden.
I had some fun with a photo of my guys Texas birdhouse.
Gotta love photo editing!!

Welcome to my garden!

Lots of pretty blooms are sharing their beauty
along with so much in green 
due to our heavy rainy season.

Not complaining though as we will be very HOT and dry soon enough.

I have created several garden sections to the yard.
Starting with a side memory garden,
for  the angels and fairies that live and delight here.

Begonias are growing so pretty among the little village of fairy houses.

This corner shares with the birds,
Day-lilies, Rosemary and Carolina Jasmine.

Looking down the entry walk to the pool,
I have a sweet Saucer Magnolia here to the front,
Camellia Bush, Roses, Boxwood, Creeping phlox
a mystery plant.
What is it???
Each year it comes back stronger then the last.
Let's looks closer below.

Does anyone know what this is?
I'm calling it 
Jack's Beanstalk!!
It does make a small white cluster flower at times.
Maybe it's a big weed.
If so, it sure makes a nice filler to the walkway!!

Along the path, the angels enjoy story time
sitting in the Creeping Phlox.

This plant on the red iron seat is 
It does so great in hot sun and high temps.
This one hung on from last summer.

Last year my guy created this window box for the fence.
I fill it with faux boxwood and my version of "Knock Out Roses".
This spot is just too hot for anything to grow in the window box.
Sometime it's okay to help mother nature along in the decorating for the garden!

This side of the yard is the Bistro Garden.
Growing here is Clematis, Tea Roses,
 and a Palm Tree
that I started 20 years ago in a small poolside pot.
It grew leaps and bounds so it was quickly added to the ground.
This year for the first time, it made a flower.
Didn't get a photo of it, but it was pretty for a day or so.

This is a little prayer garden with St. Francis over looking 
carpet roses along the path and the birds that come to live here.
Carpet Roses vine and stay fairly close to the ground spreading along.

Another couple of angels having a story time.
Mister Lizard got in on the fun.

Here he is, sunny on the angel wing!
Going into that area to the prayer garden and my potting bench,
I have an arch of Trumpet Vine.
This vine grows like a weed
 and makes a gorgeous orange red 
Trumpet flower later in the summer.

Some have told me this vine can get wild and pop 
up anywhere in the yard.
I have not seen that happen though and it's been 4 years since planted.
It does attract butterfly's and it's a striking flower in bloom.

Herbs on the potting bench.
 My son built this bench many years ago
and gave it to me for Christmas.

This year, I'm so excited to see some buds on my Hydrangea plants.
I have them planted in a shady area to the right of my potting bench.
It gets good shade here since in Texas, they seem to do better out of the direct sun.
Last year, this area of bushes was huge, but not one bloom all season long.
Hopefully this season will be different.
I missed drying the gorgeous flowers!

This red rose vine is a Mr. Lincoln Rose.

The Tea Roses are all in pink bloom now and the scent is heavenly.

Lastly, on the patio coffee table, I'll share the mosquito plant 
or sometime called,
 Green Geranium~
although it doesn't make a flower.
This has the scent of citronella 
and helps to keep the mosquitoes away when we sit out on the patio.
Just pinch off a leaf and rub it on your arm or legs 
it's organic bug repellent.

So enjoyed having you stop by and visit in my garden today.

I'm trying to be back in blogland once a week if possible.
In the meantime, 
I'm looking forward to visiting you.

Have a great week!

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