Wednesday, August 6, 2014

La Foot Stool~ To Place One's Tootsies~

Recently on a treasure hunt, I found the perfect little foot stool to team up with
this chair I painted and covered last year.

Do you remember when I found this chair?

It was dark wood and the cushions were covered in linen that had yellowed a bit over the years.
Comfy and perfect to cozy up with a good book.
But what really stole my heart,  it was made and stamped on the bottom, 1926.
The year my mother was born.
I always love items created in the years loved ones were born.
1900, 1904, 1923 ,1926 and so on~
Anyway, it came home with me for a mere 20 dollars.
Sturdy, well built and the perfect size.
I painted the wood my beloved Honeysuckle Bloom
and covered the cushions with a pretty French inspired fabric.

At first, I had this little gem in my living room but since I am known for moving things around a lot,
it made it's way to my library for a reading chair.

Often when I would read here, I thought how nice a foot stool would be.

So there it was on my treasure hunt last weekend.
A sweet little stool with a storage place too, but with fabric from a different time and look.
It was already painted white, but I gave it a fresh coat to go with my chair.

I took off the lid top, painted the legs, added a little distress
and covered the lid with the same fabric left from the chair.

My trusty staple gun was used to upholster the fabric to the top.

Lastly, I added some fringe from my stash to the bottom frame
and it's complete.
Opens nicely to store a book, sewing or a few magazines.
I saved on the fabric by covering the inside top with black felt.

Love it with the chair~

Perfect little spot in my library to read, crochet,
watch TV or relax with a cup of tea.

And to think,
this little gem was 5 dollars.
I had the paint, fabric, fringe, felt, staple gun and time!

Have you found a great treasure lately?
One that fits right in with your idea?

Wishing you happy treasure hunting
Southern DayDreams!

Celestina Marie

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