Monday, January 10, 2011


Yes, it's a snow day in Texas. With cold temps, sleeting rain and flurries, this was the look from my studio window.

Later accumulating to this~~

Okay, I know you are saying, that's not much snow. I agree having lived and growing up in the north, but for us, this is something in the lone star state and such a cozy sight it is.

So what does one do on a snow day? You probably already know what I might plan.
Paint, design, decorate, cook, read, dream or all of the above?

Okay, let's put on some background music to warm the air.

Make a pot of chili.

Count my many blessings.

For the warmth of Home Sweet Home.

Let my little mouse sleep.

Enjoy a pot of tea.

Gather my design books with inspiration for my newest home projects and dream, dream, dream!

And reading now for my kitchen restyle!

and more books~~

ahh and more to dream with~

Then study paint chips for another bathroom restyle.

And dream of this rose floral look with this fabric on a chair for my living room and the sofa with the other.

Every year after the holidays, my designer blood boils to decorate and restyle some area of my cottage. So this winter, painting a bathroom, upgrading my kitchen and sprucing up the living room are in order. I have gathered all I need to do the work myself and with my sweethearts help, we are anxious to get started. I will share pics along the way with before and after when complete. I love decorating with treasures I already have, including a little paint and flea market finds.

So with Spring around the corner, this is the way I spent this snow day and loved every minute planning my home decorating projects. The cozy and relaxing day gave me the time to rest my painting arm a bit more and with this rest, little by little, it is feeling much better. I will be back to swinging that paint brush full steam soon!

Oh I hear Miss Beazy at the door~
She is dusted with fresh snow. Shake, shake Beazy, before you come in!

Well, she did not shake, so with beach towel in hand, I dried her off and she is happy to be back inside.

Now before I get back to my snow day and decorating dreams, I will share a few Spring inspirations I placed around this snow cottage.

Thank you for stopping by and blessings be yours this beautiful winter day.
Hugs from Texas,
Celestina Marie

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