Sunday, May 18, 2014

Painting on Glass and Metal

One of my favorite mediums is to paint on glass, tile or metal.
And, for this process
I use a Glass and Tile Medium from Plaid to prime the surface.
 It works so well, I also use it on wood that has a varnished or slick surface.

Starting with a clean dry surface on glass or metal,
paint an even coat of the medium and let dry 24 hours.
 This is important because if you paint over the medium too soon it will lift off.
After one coat on glass it will look like this.
 I found these bottles at a flea market and thought the crown bottle was interesting.
I am sure it held whiskey at one time!!!

After the 24 hour cure time, they are ready to paint.
Several coats work best.

Next, I added a graphic to the bottles using Mod Podge after a coat of sealer varnish.
Graphic courtesy of The Graphic's Fairy
Love the vintage perfume labels.

Painting on metal trays or this wall and door pocket also work well with this medium.

Here are the finished projects.
The crown bottle is reversible with a vintage lady graphic on one side
 and hand painted roses on the other.
I used vintage trims, wire, jewelry, buttons, old lace, keys, beads and silk flowers on these designs.

I hope you will give Glass and Tile Medium a try if you want to paint on glass, tile, ceramic or even metal or wood.
Just remember to wait 24 hours after applying the medium before painting and finish with a coat or two of satin or gloss water based varnish.

Have Fun,
Celestina Marie

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