Thursday, November 5, 2015

Good Fences

Happy November!
Welcome to another

Some of you have told me how you notice fences and gates now
in your daily travels since you have visited my good fences.
Well we have our hostess Theresa (Tex) from
The Run Around Ranch Report to Thank!
She started something fun and you are all welcome to join in 
and share the interesting fences or gates you find.

This week, I was going back through my trip pics from last fall,
when I discovered some great fences and gates to share.

This one is a favorite from Roundtop, Texas
and taken at Rachel Ashwells
"The Prairie"

The vintage arch divided one shabby area from another
and a walk through of sorts to the cottages.
We actually stayed in the little cottage with the rusty roof.

The old fashion chain link, split rail and entry arch was by the main cottage to the left.
I love this setting and the country farmhouse feel is so inviting.

Once again thanks for following along 
visiting Good Fences.
To see more
is a Texas blog with many link ups
sharing lots of interesting photos.

See you next time.

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