Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Dear Friends, it seems 2012 passed all too soon and here we are about to greet a brand new year.
A time for new beginnings and adventure.
 It seems I never get everything created that I'd like to for Christmas and my shoppe. And, I always vow to create a little Christmas all year long to stay on track.
However, like every season, that doesn't happen even with a well organized plan no matter how hard I try.
True joy for me is looking forward to fresh starts within my journey. Do you do this too? Excited about going forward?
Getting back in the studio after a little time off to rest my wrists while enjoying my family for Christmas, has been simply wonderful. A little R&R always does one good.
January always brings me inspiration in our home to update the decor too.
Taking down all the Christmas decorations to reveal a clean empty palette, just gives me inspiration going forward.
 My dear Mr. Design guy always asks, are we ever done? You notice he says we. Oh I am so thankful for the talent he has to help me try and make our home what it can be.
Christmas 2012 was a special time for my family and I pray it was for you as well.
I am continually thankful for the many blessings God has shared with us.
Thankful for more then I could ever count or name.
Now as I look towards new direction on my creative journey, I am excited about getting busy once again.
Looking to God for the way in which HE would have me to go. Following that path wherever it leads.
Praying for my friends and family in blogland and beyond. You bless me in more ways then I ever thought possible. Thankful for the new friendships made this past year and for the many first friends over the nearly 6 years of blogging. You are all so special.
Time has flown by and here we are approaching 2013.
My prayers will continue, my feet are on the path, the road feels solid and the light is bright. Life will give it's  ups and downs along the way, nothing is perfect. But the journey will continue as we all begin a new year. God Bless.
Wishing You and Yours a Wonderful, Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year.
With Love,
Celestina Marie

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gorgeous Giveaway Gifts

Before Christmas I had the joy of winning a giveaway from Katherine of The Chatelet. She is an amazing talent and the gifts she sent are stunning.
Even the box was decorated so chic with vintage book papers and glittered silver snowflakes.
When I opened this beauty, I found this sight nestled within shredded book pages for protection. A gorgeous tussie shaped ornament in it's own cone shape bag.
This beautiful card was also included from  Katherine.
Next was this gorgeous sheer bag holding one of her lace and embellished soaps. Just stunning.
And if this in not enough, three more gorgeous decorated boxes hold three of the most beautiful ornaments created by Katherine. Glass and lace in red, gold and black with vintage accents. Simply beautiful.
Aren't these just stunning? If you have not yet met the talented Katherine from The Chatelet, stop by and say hello. You will enjoy your visit.
Thank you so very much Katherine. I am so blessed to have won your lovely giveaway.
 I will cherish these pretties always.
Hope everyone had a special Christmas.
I will be taking a bit of time to enjoy my family and a much needed break
See you in the New Year.
Love, Celestina Marie

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Many Blessings for a joyous celebration with family and friends.
Christmas Hugs,
Celestina Marie

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Your Room's Ready

When we left off your visit on the staircase, I promised to share with you my redecorated guestroom ready for a holiday stay.
The furniture is from 1945, art deco and the wedding set of my mother and dad. It remains in very good condition and I have had it in my care for nearly 14 years now. I turned the wardrobe into a TV cabinet.
Vintage ornaments accent a very special plate that my grandfather created in the 30's from the Mississipi Glass Company in PA. I'll be sharing something special with this plate in a later post.
This vintage radio is from the late 40's and the first form of entertainment in my parents home before the television. I just love it and the wooden shoes on the top are a pair from France my father brought back from the war. They are a real treasure. The old vintage prints are one of my favorite sets.
Thank you for being my special guest. I hope you enjoy your stay.
Wishing you~All A Good Night!
Blessings and Merry Christmas Eve!
Celestina Marie

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Following God's Direction

The Rosary, a beautiful reflection and symbol of love and faith.

 I love them, grew up with the rosary, prayed with my mother and grandmother and have a small collection too.

About a month ago, I visited my friend Jan, from The Comfort of a Safe Place and she wrote a post about having a thought placed on her heart from God.

 Jan, is a wonderful interior decorator, jewelry designer, sewer, crocheter and the list goes on. She creates all things with great care and love. She also designs beautiful rosaries.
The thought, God placed on Jan's heart one evening, was to give some of her rosaries away. Her thoughts were encouraged to pass on her faith to a few that somehow needed this blessing at this time in their lives.

  Reading Jan's post I was so excited for someone to receive such a treasure and was sure she would find those hearts soon. What I did not know at the time was one of the receivers would be me, along with several others.
When the package came to my door, I just could not imagine what would be inside. When I opened it to find this beautiful Czech Cathedral Glass Vintaj Bronze Pearls Rosary, I was excitedly overwhelmed.
Instantly I knew what a blessing to be given in this rosary.

 Jan's rosaries are created using the finest elements. Swarovski Glass and Pearl beads, Bronze medals and Crucifix all created using delicate wires wrapped at the end of each bead. Simply gorgeous.
Honestly my pictures don't do this 31 1/2" long rosary justice. The 10mm glass beads are Honey Celsian and at night take on a soft light pink color. It is amazing.

 The Swarovski pearls are 12mm in a bronze gold. The wires are also bronze and the crucifix has a soft vintage patina making it look like a piece handed down from a cherished family member.

Jan shared with me how she knew her hands were blessed from God to create these rosaries. She tried at first to ignore this calling, found every reason to put the thoughts aside, but they stayed. Soon after she knew she had to Follow God's Direction.

Jan has sold her rosaries in the past, but given more away then she sold, giving her a great blessing in return. If you have a moment, drop by to Jan's. You will be blessed with your visit and what you will discover, that this great lady has a struggle of her own. You see, Jan was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy last May 2012 and has been on a journey for wellness and recovery ever since. Even with this great challenge, she continues to move her life forward using her path to help others through this journey with BP. It is remarkable the progress she has made and she is always willing to share the info she learns along the way that might help another.

Thank you so much Jan for the gift of this rosary so beautifully created from your talented hands. I will cherish it forever.  The Sunday after it arrived, I took it to church were  Father John prayed over this treasure giving way to beautiful words for the rosary and the maker. Asking God to always guide this piece for the good of HIS word and the beauty in our faith, blessed by grace from above.

Simplify Christmas, Following God's Direction.
Since I completed this post, I found a beautiful glass keepsake box that was accented with a white rose brooch. Perfect to hold this blessed treasure.
Also, let us all continue to join in pray for the families and community of Sandy Hook Elementary School. May God give comfort and strength to all in the days ahead.
With Love,
 Celestina Marie

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