Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guestroom Makeover

Earlier this week I shared my antiqued dress form makeover,
and now, I'll show you where "Miss Colette" lives.
Yes, meet antiqued Colette and named by the suggestion of
Thank you Donna I love her new name.
So French Chic!
Anyway, Colette lives in my cottage white guestroom
on the second floor.
Now this room has been white since 2007
with painted and distressed furniture in Honeysuckle Bloom.
The walls are newly painted in Heirloom Lace
and the room rearranged, decluttered and scaled down a bit.
I am finding I love adding more neutrals to my home of mostly blacks, browns and whites
with a few accent colors for interest.
My guests love to stay in this room.
The ceiling fan has yet to be replaced with another.
In Texas, it is very neccessary.
At different times of the day, the room takes on a warm glow.

This vintage wardrobe closet was a great find about 15 years ago.
On the wall is a very old pic from the early 1900's of my great grandmother Angelina.

The vintage chair was another great find several years ago.
It also got a distressed coat of Honeysuckle Bloom.
The pillow is a special candlewick design.

Here is the view from the other side of the room.
Two large windows grace floor length lace curtains and valances.
The bench at the end of the bed was made by a high school girl in her woodshop class and a gift to her grandmother.
I found it at a yard sale. Her grandmother was selling it. I did not have the heart to leave it behind.
Can you imagine, it not meaning anything to the grandmother.
I love it.
The desk is a built-in with great storage.
The chair at the desk is the last one left from my
grandmother's dining set.
Very special vintage piece and very sturdy.
The decor on the wall at the desk and the book covers
along with paper rolls, were all created
using Jeanne d' Arc wrapping paper.
The paper was a giveaway win from my friend
For the books, I copied the paper to cover them and then
freely wrote the book titles on the spines.
Thank you Amy, I love the gift wrap.
Using a larger sheet, I simply framed it for wall art.
Vintage milkglass vase filled with hydrangeas, roses and paper rolls.

A collection of Shabby Chic books by Rachel Aswell.
The mirror is also a design by Rachel.

All the black and white pics are a mix of treasured family photos, french graphics, cards
and my childhood home.
Behind the framed pics are ceiling tiles.

The french chocolat pillow above is a treasured gift from my dear friend Ginny
I also used the papers to cover a note journal
and keep a stash of postcards for family and friends to send back home.
Next to the desk on the opposite wall
is a wall plaque. I added a cut out graphic to the urn,
Moving around the room to the vintage dresser is one  I found
in the 80's when living in Indiana.
I love the mirror and it's patina.

Vintage glove box I created with lace hand made roses and millinery.
Across from the bed I placed a book shelf
to hold a small vintage counter top white TV.
It was my mother's from her kitchen year's ago.
It works wonderful, in color and perfect for the shelf.
To the top is a small display.
In the corner is a wood table for two.
Above the table, my talented hubby installed a petite chandelier
on a dimmer.

On the table I have a iron tray with
a vintage dish filled with treasured door knobs
and  key plate.


On the wall near the table and corner
I placed a french graphic with shelf
holding a vintage shoe mold
and a few vintage pearl strands from my mother and grandmother.
The opposite wall by the table
was  a challenge.
It really did not look good left empty
but did not need to be overdone either.
So I found these 3 wall hooks half off at Hobby Lobby.
Dry brushed some cottage white paint on them
and it worked perfectly.
Not sure why the pic looks like the first hook is higher~
in person it is level. LOL
Lastly, I can't forget the linens.
On the bed these treasured pillow cases
were created by my mother in her last days.
They are very special to me.
Lace with crocheted and french pillows. 

My grandmothers gorgeous crocheted lace.
I embellished this pillow with it and the button is from an
old coat of my mother's.
Little treasures placed all around give honor to those I will always love.

Well, that's it.
Finished makeover.
I'd like to say I'm done with my decorating,
but that would not be true.
I'll be back to share my finished laundry/sewing room next.
Till then,
thank you for visiting and being my guest.
Celestina Marie





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