Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Terrible Texas Tornado's Tuesday!

At least 12 tornado's came through north Texas Tuesday with devastating results. Thank you to so many of you who emailed, sent texts and called last night and this morning to check on me. My family and I are okay, our town so close to the hit areas, are okay, but so many in the surrounding cities to the south of my area, have lost homes and a lifetime of their possession's. The good news, NO ONE LOST THEIR LIFE. The material can be replaced in time, but the fact that no one was seriously hurt is a miracle, while two cities are declared a disaster area. We are so thankful for God's protection to those fellow Texans.

Today the clean up begins and thousands are without power. It will be a challenge, but a thankful day too. Your prayers are much appreciated as we help our neighboring towns rebuild and go forward.

Above is a map that shows tornado alley. As you can see, north Texas is a part of that zone. We pray this season settles down and these kinds of storms do not come our way again.

Thank you again for your concerns. You truly are so kind and thoughtful to think of us and I send you a big hug for your friendship.

Praying for North Texas,
Blessings for today.
Celestina Marie

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