Monday, June 30, 2014

Movable Window Seat

A few years ago, LJ built this wonderful wood bench with a bottom shelf.

I have used it in many a spot around our cottage
and it's seen several colors of paint.

This newest fresh paint finish is a soft neutral with added distress.

Most recently I discovered it was the exact width of
my center bow window in the dining room to fit between the curtains.
Perfect to create a movable window seat.

Since I change the decor up so often,
being able to move it to another spot is perfect for me.

To the top I added a wonderful French hotel graphic
stenciled in a dark charcoal. 
I often use this color for stencils as it is a lot less harsh then black
but still looks dark enough.

To the front I stenciled the address of the hotel.

Then comes the fun part of adding a few accents.
To the shelf I added a few of my favorite design books along with
a vintage house mouse my mother created about 30 years ago.

This French box is perfect to hold extra napkins or even a stack of dessert plates.

This large floor bunny stays out year round.
 He wears a glossy black ribbon.
You never know where this fellow will be. 
I move him around often.

The light weight crocheted throw is perfect for summer and softens the bench a bit.

A little spot to read or watch the rain.

So sorry all these pics are a bit gloomy. 
We've had so much rain and overcast for days.
It was even raining while taking these photos.

I like being able to move this bench when needed since I
put a tall Christmas tree in this window for the holidays.

Now this wasn't a big deal, but just a cute little window seat idea.
Maybe you have a bench that would fit perfectly in a window.

With the dining room complete, I'll be looking around for another 
room for change!!

See you next time.

Have a wonderful last day of June.

Celestina Marie

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