Monday, October 12, 2015

Back Porch Falling~

Some of the best times spent
are on our back porch.

Warm fall days and cooler evenings find us here.

With a few little decor changes, the summertime gives way to the cozy fall days
spent here many mornings, afternoons and early evenings.
The porch has a vintage wood burner stove,
 I have carted this piece from house to house over many moves.

At the moment I have faux candles on timers inside the 
stove and in the evening it is so cozy.

On the stove top, I love to display a few pumpkins and gourds.

This is a vintage style metal teapot in the shape of a pumpkin.

I kept the summer pillows on the sofa.
The colors just worked with the bits of rust and orange.

I added a soft and cozy animal print throw to the mix.
It's ready to curl up with on a cool day or evening.

These two metal chairs from the 40's belonged to my parents.
They are in excellent condition and I treasure them.

It's the perfect spot to have coffee in the morning to greet the day.

The table here on the porch is the perfect spot for dinner outside when the temps allow.

The candles are faux and give a soft little glow in the evening.

Remember this French Flower Market bucket I created last spring?
Well recently when I trimmed my potato vine from another pot, I added the trimmings to
the dirt. Within a few days, it was thriving and has grown full and beautiful for the fall.

It also is giving a pretty show of blooms in a pretty purple pink tone.

Even a few leaves have turned colors for the fall.

This is the place we
Sit Long, Talk Much and Laugh Often.

Perfect fall days spent here with friends and family.
Making memories and enjoying the season.

Thank you for taking the time to visit today.
You know where I'll be
when I'm not painting.

Wishing you a beautiful fall week.

Celestina Marie


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