Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where Does Your Decorating Inspiration Come From?

Recently I was talking to a friend and she asked me where my inspiration comes from when I decorate my own home? It was a fun conversation and I pose this question to you as well. Here is a bit of our chat and thoughts with my friend.

For most of us, we can probably agree that interior design has really changed over the years in styles and color. I know my styles have really evolved over time. But looking back over my college days and studies, one thing remains the same, perspective, scale and good design. I like to think of my own decorating starting with CREATIVITY around COLLECTIONS, COLOR for COMFORT and CALMNESS, all coming together for a pleasing space that is unique. A space that reflects our personality, travels, collections and how we live with the treasures we love and cherish.

My personal favorites revolve around Romantic French Country and Villa Cottage Garden with a splash of Shabby to Chic here and there.

I have studied with many books over the years and my all time favorite is "French Country at Home" ~by Kathy Passero.

This book is just full of inspiration on every page. It reveals in great detail the colors that make up French Design, textures, styles and collectibles. Elements from floor to ceilings that make up a style that is comfortable and very homey.

Two more favorites are Cottage Style and Garden Style written by Mary Wynn Ryan. These books also bring great inspiration for collectibles using vintage and color for indoors and out.
These publications have really influenced my redecorating over the years and I always see something new every time I turn the pages and dream.

Whether it be inside or out, anywhere can be a space to decorate. The following pics are a journey through my cottage sharing display vignettes using collectibles, vintage treasures, and hand paintings. I love to surround our home with vintage books, vintage glassware, handmade treasures and always music.
I love to display my treasures in a way to inspire me everyday. Where does your inspiration come from?

Along the way, I learned something about myself too. I can't live without lace. I love it, and use it everywhere among my treasures. Vintage lace made by my grandmother is among my cherished favorites.

For me, the decorating journey continues, and more then likely, it does for you too.
Thank you for staying for this long post. It has been fun to share my inspirations with you.
Now it's back to the studio and creating for Christmas in July.
I hope all your decorating dreams, come true!
Blessings, Celestina Marie

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