Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Labor Day 2012

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and is recognized as a federal holiday going back to 1882 as described in Wikipedia. It also symbolizes the end of summer for many Americans, and is celebrated with parties, parades and athletic events. Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September each year.
To my U.S. friends, I hope you enjoy this long holiday weekend celebrating the fruits of your labor, time with family and friends and the end of summer giving way to a new season and thanksgiving for being an American.

Let us also remember and pray for our Gulf Coast neighbors who are still struggling from the floods and damage of Hurricane Isaac. My dear friends, Marie Antoinette, Cindy Adkins and others have faced a very scary week, and while they are okay, it will be awhile before they are back to normal in their areas of New Orleans and Mississippi. Many prayers all around.
With the heat still very hot, it only makes matters worse with no power to use the AC. So thoughts and prayers go their way and we hope the flooding recedes quickly.

As for the heat, it is still very much with us here in Texas too and the summer really gave us a challenge to keep the flowers healthy and hydrated. Come take a walk with me around my garden and share the last blooms and greens of the season.

Potted Roses with Rose Moss at the base.

Lavender Lantana and Yellow Mums ready to bloom.

Porch Coleus and Periwinkle

A Tea Cup of Ivy and Pretty Pink Blooms.

Rose Border and Little Pink Tea Roses, my favorite.

Mr.Lincoln Long Stem Roses.

Dark Pink Heirloom Long Stem Roses.

New Day Yellow Long Stem Roses. All these cut roses together make a pretty bouquet.

Pretty Palm Tree. In spite of the heat, this tree doubled in size this year.

Hydrangeas still hanging on and dried blooms from earlier in the season. I discovered that the pink hydrangea blooms turn light lavender when dried. The blue turned a pretty vintage green.

Miss Beazy's Pink Roses are not currently blooming, but they gave a gorgeous show this summer. She would have loved them. I think they bloomed pretty just for her.

Sweet Coral Rose tiny and pretty growing towards the sun. Another favorite.

Thank you for taking a walk with me today. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. Stay safe, Have Fun and Be Blessed.
XO Celestina Marie

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