Friday, August 22, 2014

What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation?

Remember those first weeks of a new school year growing up? 
Being asked to write an essay of what you did or where you vacationed during the summer?

It seemed each year we were asked this question.
Each year we wrote of the fun activities we enjoyed near home or afar.
???are we there yet???

I've come to realize over the years, that the best vacations
can be right in my own backyard.

Oh I love to travel far away no question, but there are times when staying near by
can bring the best memories.

This year we did just that.
We vacationed in Texas.
Right here at the GayLord Texan  Resort in Grapevine, Texas.

A beautiful 1500 room resort under a glass dome ceiling
with the blue skies and sunshine right over head in every area.

Blue skies over head and comfortable temperatures to enjoy lots of walking.

Some of the gardens and water features I shared in my last post
are throughout the inside grounds and all along a river walk that runs right through the hotel.
Outdoors without the blazing heat of Texas.

I love this sculpture of the girl planting flowers.

The only hotel in the world with an indoor vineyard.

Wonderful restaurants, boutiques, shops, spas, pools, living rooms, entertainment and more
under one roof forming a city all it's own.

Here is the view of the Riverwalk Cantina.

Our room was beautiful with a living room, bedroom, bath and small dining room
along with a balcony overlooking the indoor river walk.
 The day of our anniversary was celebrated at the indoor Italian Restaurant,
Zeppole Coastal Italian

The food was excellent and you can see in the upper right corner the grilled salmon and veggies
that I enjoyed. They even had gluten free breads and pastas. Perfect!!

We even met Hank the Texas Longhorn who greets people from all over the world.
~that's my hubby in the top left corner~

We truly relaxed and enjoyed  leaving the on line world behind  for a little while.
Sometimes we need to do that don't we?
Vacation un-pluged!!
A time to free ourselves from technology.
Really enjoy the world in person and not on a screen.

Oh it was a wonderful time and not far away.
We really can take vacations close by.

Have you ever vacationed close to home?
Do you prefer to travel far away?

I'll be back to share when we went into town
to visit the historic town of Grapevine.

Till next time~
Enjoy the last days of summer.

Celestina Marie

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