Monday, June 30, 2014

Movable Window Seat

A few years ago, LJ built this wonderful wood bench with a bottom shelf.

I have used it in many a spot around our cottage
and it's seen several colors of paint.

This newest fresh paint finish is a soft neutral with added distress.

Most recently I discovered it was the exact width of
my center bow window in the dining room to fit between the curtains.
Perfect to create a movable window seat.

Since I change the decor up so often,
being able to move it to another spot is perfect for me.

To the top I added a wonderful French hotel graphic
stenciled in a dark charcoal. 
I often use this color for stencils as it is a lot less harsh then black
but still looks dark enough.

To the front I stenciled the address of the hotel.

Then comes the fun part of adding a few accents.
To the shelf I added a few of my favorite design books along with
a vintage house mouse my mother created about 30 years ago.

This French box is perfect to hold extra napkins or even a stack of dessert plates.

This large floor bunny stays out year round.
 He wears a glossy black ribbon.
You never know where this fellow will be. 
I move him around often.

The light weight crocheted throw is perfect for summer and softens the bench a bit.

A little spot to read or watch the rain.

So sorry all these pics are a bit gloomy. 
We've had so much rain and overcast for days.
It was even raining while taking these photos.

I like being able to move this bench when needed since I
put a tall Christmas tree in this window for the holidays.

Now this wasn't a big deal, but just a cute little window seat idea.
Maybe you have a bench that would fit perfectly in a window.

With the dining room complete, I'll be looking around for another 
room for change!!

See you next time.

Have a wonderful last day of June.

Celestina Marie

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend Garden

With all the rain we've been having,
my garden is so happy and growing wildly.

This weekend finds me trimming, grooming and tending to the blooms.

The cooler days of spring have become the hot days of a Texas summer.
Now the flowers, vines and trees are growing larger and taking on a vintage look.

Come along on a little stroll with me as I walk around the garden.

Mr. Frog sunning on the bike seat.

Taking time to enjoy God's garden blessings.
Do you remember when I planted this potato vine?

It has grown to the top of the trellis and on the way back down
ready to turn and make it's way up the trellis again.

Love the pop of green.

Just around the bend, long stem roses blooming beautifully.

This year Daisies are giving a pretty show.

Pink Cone flowers greet just around a curve in the walk.

Something different from Begonias beginning to trail on the fence. 

Sweet bunny family, are my keepers of the Lavender patch.

Nest among the Rose Moss.

Mixing it up with sun loving blooms.

Little fairies kneeling among the Confetti flowers.

Ah a pink bird stopping to smell the flowers~

Purple beauty
Trumpet vine blooming and bringing sweet hummers.

A small Hydrangea patch bringing  large blooms this season.

More Confetti flowers loving the sunshine.

This sweet angel is a solar light and so pretty when the sun goes down.

Vintage pink Begonias
sit pretty on and under a lit birdbath turned table
filled with shells and topped with glass.

Thank you for taking a walk with me.
Along the way, I picked up a fallen and dried Southern Magnolia leaf.
Perfect surface to paint our beloved flag.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Celestina Marie

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Got Coffee Cans?

Create Decorative Storage.

This is a quick storage idea using coffee cans
covered with decorative papers.
I copied my sheet of decorative paper onto card stock for a heavier weight.
Next, I measured the size and used adhesive roller tape on
the back of the papers before adhering to the can.

By the way, this can was a straight design without the indention you find on tin cans. 

They had snap on plastic lids in a neutral color.
To those I hot glued large fabric flowers with center glittered buttons.

That's it, fill it up with craft supplies, sewing items, buttons
and the list goes on.

We can all use extra storage containers.
And  basically free, with the cans I would have thrown away.

Got any coffee cans hanging around.
Wrap with pretty paper, top the lid and fill it up!!

See you next time.
~Have a Happy Summer Day~

Celestina Marie

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Tomato Pepper Cheese Salad

Don't you love refreshing and cold salads in the summer?
This recipe is easy quick and makes the perfect cool light salad to
accompany a grilled dinner of chicken, pork or beef.

Start with the ingredients below~
2 average size green bell peppers
4 average size roma tomatoes
shredded mozzarella cheese about 1/4 cup
 salt and pepper to taste
garlic flakes, just judge with your tossing
and fresh or dried parsley also tossing to coat
Dressing is simply~
wine vinegar and olive oil

This salad is not exactly measured.
You can adjust to the size you need
by adding more of less of the ingredients.
Fresh garlic is best but dried spices work 
just as well.

Chop peppers and tomatoes

Add the cheese, garlic, salt, pepper
and parsley.
Top with a drizzle of olive oil to entire top of salad.
Follow with wine vinegar using a little less
and toss all to coat.

Look how pretty it looks in my vintage Fire King Bowl.

You can also vary the ingredients by adding,
cucumbers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms or black beans.

A little twist on the traditional lettuce salad and goes so well with outdoor grilling.

Let me know if you try this.
The Italian flavor compliments so many main dishes.


Celestina Marie

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Monday, June 23, 2014

French Graphic Lampshade~

Hi Friends
Hope you enjoyed a nice first weekend of summer.

LJ and I brought in the first day of summer in a special way
with a drive in the country and picnic along the way.
The weather was perfect and we promised ourselves to enjoy many more picnics this season.


Well it looks like I have been on a roll with my lampshade creations
creating another shade design using a French graphic.

To begin, I gathered a pretty linen shade which topped 
a bathroom lamp I use in our second floor guest bathroom.

Next I used the pretty La Bain graphic I purchased from etsy.
and printed it in the reverse with my inkjet printer
on Transfer Fabric Artist Paper.

At this point, I cut as close to the graphic as possible
for applying it to the shade with a dry iron on a hot setting.

This was the tricky part, I had to be careful not to press the hot iron too hard on the shade
since the inside was shaped with an acrylic type layer under the linen and leaving the heat in place too long or pressing too hard would cause the backing to melt. Not a good thing~~

However this would work nicely using a fabric shade with a wire form, but still pressing lightly with the tip of the iron so as not to stretch the shade's fabric.

Once ironed in place, I lightly lift to see if all transferred.
If not, you can gently place back on the shade and apply the iron again.

Remember you use a dry iron, not steam.
The transfer fabric paper comes with directions  for application.

For areas that did not copy completely,
 I just use a sharpie pen and lightly fill in the missing areas.

Here is the lamp in place on the bathroom vanity.

I love how it turned out with a bit of faded charm giving it an aged look.

In the evening the glow is so cozy and lights the way for guests
to find their way to La Bain~

Thank you for stopping by.
I love your visits and comments.
Welcome to all new followers.

See you soon!

Wishing ya'll Summer Southern DayDreams~

Celestina Marie 


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