Monday, November 25, 2013

Creative Ornament Ideas Continued~~

A few days ago I shared with you
a tutorial for
this ornament.
 If you would like to
create it using the steps provided,
Since that post
we were hit with  winter weather
here in Texas and very cold temps.
Not snowed in, but cold temps with
sleet and drizzling rain.

And for me it's
 the perfect combo for creating
and getting into the holiday spirit.

So here are a few more ornament ideas
that are quick and easy.

Perfect for gifts,
sending as a card in a bubble envelope
or tying on a package.

Here are a few items needed.
The rest is up to your own creativity
and imagination.

Great to do with the kids
for home bound projects
 when the weather keeps them home from school.

This framed angel
is another ornament card I created.
Most of the supplies are gathered
from the Dollar Stores,
Michael's  and  JoAnn's  Dollar  section
along with bits and pieces left from other projects.

Backside with designer paper
to open for message.

Tinsel trimmed.

It looks so pretty on the tree.

The following is a variety of ideas
you might like to try.

Backside with designer paper for message.

Backside star to write greeting.

These are a few
created with vintage molds
or cookie cutters.

Inside the mold I added wood glittered snowflakes
with word messages, like~

Inspire dreams~

or creative journey!

 The next 3 ornaments are hand painted however and
included in my
yearly Sampler set
of ornaments.

Vintage cookie cutter~
hand painted and distressed.

Hand cut and painted wood rose birdie.

or tiny glass ornament
perfect for a small tree
or gift giving
all offered in a 3pc Sampler Set.

Every year ornaments seem to be
the best sellers on line.
I never get all that I want to offer
designed and created.

It's an on going journey
but one I truly love
and so thankful for.

So on that note,
I wish for you
a very
Happy Thanksgiving
filled with family and friends
love and blessings.


Graphics for the designs used in these ornaments
are courtesy of
and can be seen on the shelves

And, one more thing~~~
till Dec.9th
I am having a sale
at checkout with paypal
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SHOP25 to receive 25 percent
off the purchase price of your items.

All apart of
The Shabby Cottage Shops
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Visit till the 9th to find wonderful treasures
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See you soon!
Happy Thanksgiving.
Celestina Marie

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