Sunday, July 18, 2010

SOMETHING SPECIAL, Vintage Alphabet Party Brought to you by the Letters, L&M

Welcome to the Alphabet letter party from Etsy Cottage Style. This month we were challenged to showcase our vintage wares showcasing with the letters L&M. Very special vintage treasures near and dear to my heart and for more vintage fun click HERE to visit the many more participants joining in today.

So with camera in hand, I will share the letter L, which for me means, LAMPS, LACE,LOCKETS AND LETTERS! The letter M means MUSIC BOXES, MIRRORS, MUSIC SHEETS, and METAL BOXES.

This cherished lamp graces my studio and was given to me by my dear friend Ann, from Ann's Finds. I added the toile to the unique shade and when it is on, it makes the studio feel so cozy. I believe the lamp is from the late 40's or early 50's.

Beautiful and also cherished, is my 40's floor lamp, owned by my parents when they first married in 1945.

This lamp treasure was a gift to me from my mother as a house warming gift. I will always remember how dear she was when she gave me this.

Yards of handmade vintage lace edging made by my grandmother and other creative and talented ladies over the years when this was something you embellised all your gorgeous linens with. So glad we are seeing these beautiful pieces in pillows now and altered art designs. This lace has outstood the test of time as these linens have long been cut away from age, but the gorgeous lace lives on.

~~L~~~ can also stand for Lockets such as the vintage pieces I cherish.
The heart locket was my mother's, the silver oval was a gift from my mom and the small gold oval was a gift from my dear and best guy when we first started our life together. I have since added that one to my charm bracelet.

Now sharing the vintage M's. I have a music box, shaped like a piano, given to my mother from her God daughter. It plays, Somewhere My Love. She loved it and so do I.

The next M subject is this dear to my heart, hand mirror. It is from a metal dresser set belonging to my parents and one of the first pretty treasures they owned. I use it everyday on my vanity and have added some of my antique roses to the front.

Another smaller hand mirror found by my sweet friend Ann. It is wooden and has a small metal decoration in the center.

One of my favorite pieces is the swinging mirror that sits atop my vintage dresser in my shabby rose guest room.

Moving on with the M's brings me to vintage sheets of music. Cherished vintage music scores from the late 30's through the late 50's. I still play these piano arrangements now and then for fun.

From my studio store room, I couldn't leave out these vintage medicine bottles, just waiting for a redesign.

And, with it's age showing and rusty lid, I treasure this old metal round box used by my mother to hold vintage buttons. Love this one and the gorgeous rose on the lid graced by rust.

Another favorite metal box is this pretty round treasure that my dad loved and kept his keepsakes inside.

Lastly, and my very favorite, going back to the L's is my treasured album filled with 145 love letters written to my mother from my dad during World War II.

Here is his picture that mom had in the front of the album and every letter with their original envelope inside. The letter I share here, is one of the first he wrote while in boot camp in Lousiana. The rest are from England, France, Germany and Belgium. They are so wonderful and beautifully written sharing the love between two special people from 1942 through 1945. They start and end with my dad going off to war and coming home to ask my mother to marry him. It is a real romance in rare form and when I read these gorgeous letters, I know I hold something very special and dearer to me as time goes on.

Hope you enjoyed this portion of the vintage alphabet sharing the letters L&M
Till next time, thank you for stopping by and blessings to you always.

Hugs, Celestina Marie

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