Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Creative Journey!

As most of you know and have followed my blog from the beginning, I am a decorative artists and interior display decorator. I have been so blessed to work in a field that I love and have tons of fun doing.

For many years on my journey and for the creating of all types of styles from primitive, folk art, country and the romantic style of today, I have meet and made friends with so many wonderful people who have supported me in the arts with their valued patronage and friendships.

My thanksgivings over the years has filled 2 scrap books full of cards, emails and letters from wonderful people taking the time to write about their treasures purchased. I am truly humbled and so appreciative. These scrap book treasures are my valued and cherished gifts that I can visit anytime for a gentle reminder to carry on. Carry on when the going gets rough, the days are long and overwhelming and for the times when the creative juices need a pick me up.

Recently one of my long time special customers, J.Melissa, purchased my tea table and birdhouse to add to her ever growing collection of romantic decor. When communicating with her, I merely commented that I would love to see some pics of how she used some of her treasures over the years and would love to share them in a feature. Not really sure she would respond or even have time to comply. People are as busy as myself and we have limited time for anything extra.

Well, to my thankful surprise, J. Melissa sent not only some pics, but wrote a little of how she has her treasures displayed in her lovely cottage home too.

I was so thrilled to revisit some of those hand painted items, because over the years, and painting and designing so many items, I truly forget how much I have created. Since the beginning, it has to be thousands of items that fill many CD's and boxes of pics before digitals pics were even developed. My portfolio runneth over with designs. LOL

So to thank J. Melissa for being so kind and truly a gracious lady, I share with you the letter and pics she sent.

I first discovered Celeste on eBay in the Spring of 2007. I immediately took a liking and love for most of her items. That Summer I probably purchased 15 Pretties total. Then she moved to Etsy, and in the last year and a half, I have purchased many more of her items, as my budget will allow.

Most of my items are on this 5 Tiered Shelf unit. I display most of my treasures because they are really too pretty to use, and I do not want to wear the paint off.

On the first shelf is a flower pot (too pretty to use), Recipe Box and a Dog Photo Frame with 2 of my Angels. The second shelf has a wood Carry-all Tote with assorted bottles and sachets. The beautiful back metal tray is in the blue Beach Cottage style. The bookends are from another artist.

The third shelf has two wooden old-fashioned Sewing Drawers. In the front is a little basket, and in the back is a saucer in the blue Beach Cottage style.
The top one has a really neat, old-fashioned style lunch box. I would love to take my lunch to work in it, but it is just too pretty to use! So instead, I display it with the two matching candle sticks, filled with a rose painted Bible, 2 rose heart boxes and painted rose note cards, all from Celeste.

The bottom shelf has a really nice treasure - I love cake covers. I was a cake decorator for many years and I love to bake, so I really like to see these painted cake toppers. I have it displayed on a clear glass pedestal stand.

The little table next to this shelf is my newest treasure. I have just a simple rosebud vase on top, so that I can easily grab it and place it in front of the couch, for when I am eating and watching television.

This is the table next to my couch. At the top of the photo is the Birdhouse that I just acquired - really neat and beautifully painted with details from Celeste. It is sitting on a Counted Cross Stitch Rose Clock that I made over twenty years ago. See - I have loved roses for a long time! In front of that is a very heavy bowl that is painted with various flowers in multiple colors. I found the perfect thing to put in there, those are yellow and pink rose floating candles that I think adds the finishing touch and really brings out the colors of the bowl. At the base I tied a white ribbon.
The lamp may look a little silly, but it was too short for the table, so I put it on top of an old Ice Bucket that I purchased from Celeste in 2007. Still fits my style design.

In my kitchen above my sink is this display! At center is the most beautiful Serving Party Platter. Most people would display it on a table, but I think it looks really striking on my Mint Green painted walls. To the left is a Heart Cake Mold, a wooden Cupcake Ornament and two wooden Serving Spoons. The Cutting Board is from another artist.

I have too many items to fit into the perfect spot, so I now just display the overflow items together on my casual Buffet Hutch! In the center is the most striking old-fashioned Washing Water and Bowl. I got this in 2007 and first put it in the bathroom, but it was getting too much moisture and hairspray on it, so I brought it out to my living room.
From left is a wooden box with a Fairy on top. Sometimes I display this open because the inside is painted pink with a large rose on the lid - really striking! Standing up is a Flower Tray that can be hung up if I so desire. Two different bowls - the one at left is a perfect match to my candlesticks on the 5 shelf unit, and the one at right has more reddish roses with green leaves that has a Christmas look to it. I still display it year round. Laying flat are two rose spoons that can be hung. On the right are two glass votive holders and a lovely Lace Box that I prop up so that it can clearly be seen. The pillow in the back is a Counted Cross Stitch project that I made in 1988.
I do have some items that I really do use! One is a Tissue Box Cover and the other is a Message Board that I keep above my desk - too messy to show!

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my prized Celeste Treasures that I certainly enjoy looking at daily. I want a beautiful home and this certainly helps greatly, they cheer-me-up and make me so happy to be here!
J. Melissa McQuaid
Mattoon, IL.
Thank you so very much Melissa for sharing the use of your hand painted treasures and your wonderful cross stitch talents and pretties too. You have blessed me more then you know and give me the encourgement to continue My Creative Journey.

So back to the studio I go as I just filled the shelves HERE with many more new hand painted treasures for you to browse.
Have a wonderful weekend friends! Thank you for your visit and comments
Blessings always,
Celestina Marie

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