Monday, July 14, 2014

Chalk Board Flag Banners

Have you seen chalk board flags?
I came across these at Hobby Lobby in a pack of 12 and under 6 dollars.
They come with the string for hanging and a piece of chalk.

I tried a little banner for my studio with the word CREATE.
First I wrote in the letters block style with chalk.
Then I painted right over the chalk with white paint.
Hey, chalk paint!! LOL

Lastly to accent the letters, I painted my cottage roses
in and around the letters with rose buds, vines and leaves.

Hung in my studio in front of the window.

I can think of many ways to use the chalk board flags banners.
Back them with fabric,
use separately and write a small word.
Turn on the side and form a little flag by adding a stem.

Reminder notes with a decorative clothes pin.

These 6 are permanent since I painted them, 
but since they erase easy, you could use them over and over for many banner signs.
I still have 6 left for another word banner or several flags.

As a side note~~

Today I started painting my kitchen cabinets.

I'll have updates soon.

Think of me as I am swinging a paint brush~~

It's 102 degrees here today.

Happy Summer!!
~~till next time, Southern DayDreams~~

Celestina Marie

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